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This is W. NYC on John Carlson should be partly cloudy through daybreak with temperatures in the mid thirties wind chills between thirty and thirty five today Monday we could see some flurries in the morning otherwise partly sunny today highs in the mid forties Winchell's today anywhere between thirty and forty degrees this is W. NYC FM HD and AM New York welcome it's Newsday from the BBC world service coming to you live from London thanks for joining us Lamictal and Lauren's beloved first to Los Angeles in a few moments with that reaction to the death of Kobe Bryant one of the great stars of the city and world basketball we get the latest on the helicopter crash that took he's and a total lie also get an update from Han sense of the virus outbreak that China is striving to contain and without a major anniversary for the guest who says never forget it's seventy five years since the **** death camp at Auschwitz was liberated one seven seven seven eight nine who's the C. been told me see boon to known on our stage hi hater the only survivor from his family of the death camps and re kisha talks to a correspondence with his lesson from history.

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