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Arm with Brian McDonough Dr McDonough and Betsy McCoy hi Sean I actually just want to give you just a comment a real quick comment as I'm watching the virus spread and how contagious it is I also see in my social media feeds the the the fear of the virus the fear is contagious too and so I just want to encourage my fellow Americans as I would encourage my own sons when they're frightened that hard times always end they always end of life will eventually return to normal and hard times always bring us some treasures I am watching my fellow Americans step up to the plate in amazing ways I went yesterday for supplies to buy make masks and they're running out of supplies because so many people are getting behind their sewing machines and making masks to giveaway I I'm seeing people that in my news feeds just expressing so much gratitude for the American worker that is usually unseen the people who are hauling these goods nine day the people who are stocking the shelves still dealing with the public in our health care workers only available they're amazing but we can go on and on only because I have a break Rhonda that is what I love when I see the best in America that's the vast majority then you got your hoarders and you got your price gouges and then you got Congress you know putting a you know a I mean what the what the way they've acted as unconscionable this week all right well stay here stay with us more Brian McDonough Dr McDonough Betsy McCoy will take more calls until the coronavirus task force in the president speak again which may happen in the next half hour if not what is going to take your calls eight hundred nine four one Sean is our number listen if you like privacy like I do I guess what even password protected wifi is not so protected.

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