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Consumer our guest fans side of things is that apple is high now hiring for staff at the apple park visitors centre so if you've ever been to the apple campus in cupertino you know they have the company store but beyond that visitors really didn't have a place to go well the new apple park campuses actually going to have a ten thousand square foot space with an apple store a visitor's center cafe rican actually go in and gravel by to eat apple please can also go in there and hold visitor's center so it should be amazing their staffing up for it now so that's making it looked like it should be open fairly soon the campus i think tim tim cook it said they were going to start moving staff in in april i don't know how far along they are with that um but you for those of us who are fans we may be able to get kit to into the visitor's center sometime soon and i'm sure we'll hear when that opens up hopefully um before the end of the summer and then the last thing to talk about sort of in the news for this week is the new line act pro apple showed that off at worldwide developer conference they said it's gonna be coming out in december well the blog pikes universe some was doing some digging in the firmware code for the latest mac os high sierra and trying to decipher some clues about the possible architecture.

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