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Yes but i think the most of them don't have three a lot of them only have two with a juice leg in the nineties who is the boy bands it was like are they got they got they got to go t guy there's a longer gotti nasser in seeing theater to their they have the world obvious scrub for years or your guy chris kirk they're like one d cannot up the anti because they are three guys with jill no obvious no scrub squirrel no no grenade of the group exactly but they were just using those guys is kind of a subtle frame like they're out there to go hey look there's the scrub and it makes everybody else subtle we're not gonna make it obvious reduce guys kind of be labor and be in the back maybe that's how they changed the game maybe that's what the boy bank producers talk about backstage i was so great about one direction is they had they had scrap didn't they had to meeting how to here so anyway i think last would they did well but anyway they broke up were people sir leaving the band and then the three guys with juice which is harry limousine they put out songs there were they're pretty good socks better than wonder action socks dow guess who's got a song out cool up one of the media campaign or the word useless is those neighbours album juicers loyal earth mediocre with that between who had asylum with like a dj for hats i can't remember that lead only for remember it okay fana that came out solo but it was like under like the djs name.

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