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Half the league's coaches either expressed frustration or anger over how those additional gains were chosen with multiple Telling ESPN that the SEC was leaving itself open the criticism, the whole process appearing corrupt. It's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk Wireless about the season ahead with regards to the Other power five playing Heather Ditch, Paul find bomb with this insights. I spoke with a power five athletic director yesterday who is in one of those conferences. Who is continuing to push forward and this is what he told me, he said. Doctors don't agree they don't the mainstream of public opinion thinks there's only one answer. But there's multiple answers to the same question What we're doing maybe exactly wrong. It may be right, he said. But we feel that we're comfortable moving along with the information that we have right now. I spoke with one of the doctors who is advising the Big 12. Dr Chris Hosler. Yesterday and he told me I said, Why is it safe for the Big 12 to play? But nobody else and he said that this is such a location Variants issue. It is not one single pandemic. It is impacting different regions differently. The idea and the optics. Most importantly, Of the head of the double A essentially saying, You really shouldn't go on and we can't go on because we don't have enough teams competing, and meanwhile you swivel the camera around and there is the Big 12 the SEC and the A. C C. Marching along like they're not even hearing the rest of the country talking. I mean, it is a singularly stunning moment. In the history of college sports. What people have to remember is that while we're essentially talking about FBI's football, volleyball, men's and women's soccer and cross country if those sports decide not to play, then that is an optics issue for football right now, the telling those other sports, you cannot compete for a national title right now. They have to decide whether or not they can compete for a national title in the spring. Shane Lyons at West Virginia is the chair of the Football Oversight Committee, he said. There are some F C s football programs. They're still trying to play some non conference football games. His team is trying to play one of them. So all of those things are still a lot of questions and that a straight talk wireless no contract. No compromise. What does it all mean? College of football? Mac Brown says. What is needed is a singular decision Maker. I've been pretty vocal in saying that I think we need a commissioner of college football. It's the double A's in one spot right now in the really is they don't have voting power. And the commissioners aren't all on the same page, and I'd rather see everybody on the same page. I think it would be better because way all had chances to come back at different times. We all are handling things differently by conference. Even the medical protocol is different in one conferences camp compared to another. This is SportsCenter all night on ESPN Radio and the ESPN APP. I am Jim basket from the embassy, the Bulls firing coach Jim Boylan at 22 43. Chicago, one of the eight teams that didn't qualify for the NBA's restart. He was 39 80 for his bowls, Coaches 3 17 winning percentage, the second lowest Tim Floyd and Bulls history for a coach with a minimum of 100 games. Chicago's assistant coaching staff will remain in place as they work with players at the team's facility. Bobby Marks on first take your take on possible replacements. The Boylan the name probably zeroing in on it. Certainly Kenny at continuing in Brooklyn and get a really good, nice job, but that next team and as a strong developmental history, email Duca, who's in it out there? Through that Spurs tree. Darvin Ham, who you know, certainly paid his dues in Milwaukee and now and now in Milwaukee with Atlanta was cut. But so yeah, those are that's a good job. I think it's a good job, a great city as you guys know. And I don't think it's a complete rebuild. I would consider more of it. Kind of like a retooled. Meantime, Vladi Divac is stepped down is a GM of the Sacramento Kings. Joe Dumars takes over on an interim basis. Steve actually Kings GM Since August of 2015 he is now out. 31 41. They were this past season, missing the postseason for 1/14 consecutive year. That's the league's longest such streak, Speaking of streaks and tears. About damn time, Mr Person. I heard him over there. Think Leader to show what they expect from me down.

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