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Dot com. This John Conway with Conway services. When was the last time you had your heating system plane safety inspection right now Conway services, offering are sixteen point energysavers super tuneup on your heating system for only sixty nine dollars. That's right for only sixty nine dollars. We'll come out perform are sixteen point energysavers super tuneup on your heating system will also include a complete safety inspection using our state of the art camera system to make sure your heating system is safe to operate this winter plus include a carbon monoxide testimony heating system offer only sixty nine dollars. You can have the peace of mind. Knowing heating system is safe and rated to use on those cold winter nights. So call Conway services, the mid south's premier heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical service company at three eight four thirty five eleven that's three eight four thirty five eleven in call this week and asked for the early bird special and more perform your heating system tuneup. Probably fifty seven dollars. Four thirty five. Another example of the great product rewards service and access to unique and unforgettable experiences daybreak to their customers twenty-five. Oh my goodness. A fortune teller machine. Oh here put this. Show. Your blood pressure will require very expensive prescription drugs. Your blood pressure? How did he know about that? She everything let's get outta here. You can't predict the future. But you can't prepare for it happened questions about affordable prescription glance give us a call or visit epi health fans dot com farm bureau health plan. We've got you covered. A Budget Blinds carrying is in our DNA. It's the way we do business. Every day it starts with exceptional customer service a process that is centered around you we listen to you take the time to find out about your needs. Then guide you through a beautiful selection of custom window coverings to find the very best options for you our commitment to carrying continues throughout our local neighborhoods. We care for our homes and our communities Budget.

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