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My name is Danny Shapiro. The host family secrets three years ago. I took a DNA test and this test meant to be a fun exploration of my family history turned up a massive family secret. I wasn't who I thought I was join me, and my guests in the journey of family secrets listen to family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or ever you get your podcasts. And if you want to read about my family secret, my new memoir. Inheritance is available. Wherever books are sold. Welcome to episode one fifty nine of the body casts Brooks and Dunn saw buyers show, and we talked to them actually a lot more than was on the radio show because we recorded much of the countdown we've recorded during the commercials, and so it's actually like over a twenty minute interview. So I wanted you guys to hear the full Brooks and Dunn. I love these guys and I gave a little bit. But it was so cool to learn a lot of this stuff. So. Yeah Brooks and Dunn episode one fifty nine check out our other podcasts four things with Amy Brown. Her husband should be on this week's episode of this week or go back and check out the episode there if you're into sports the sore losers with much box Eddie end Ray talking about sports every day and the velvets edge with Kelly Henderson. It's a lifestyle podcast or women talking about fashion and beauty. So check all those out of you can subscribe. Hear this right now going, right? A good note over on the on the patriot and write notes people. Don't right. Good note. That's not very nice here. It is the full conversation with Brooks and Dunn in its entirety. Unedited? Enjoy episode one fifty nine Friday morning conversation with bricks and done. They're not even an area. That's kind of cool to hear the Brooks. And Dunn about being a studio. I know. Hung out with. Fix. I told you that embarrassing story. What did you say? Stop there. Surprise party is not. Come on. We definitely will. But come on. You gotta have a c- come on friends. You work every day with as many people around his nervous. We need a big staff. We're not very good. I'm not very good alone. So I got to have maybe better. Is it cool for me less at I know that we've met I know that when we see each other last at the Kennedy Center. Our nation's capital it in so, but this has never been on my show. And that sounds pretty cool for me from beyond recall for off Brooklyn Donner here kicks you, and I met I don't know if you remember. But the first and second Tom played the opera you were playing and I wanted to your room. And you're very nice to me that was you. That was me. I think the first time we met actually was was at when the in Norman, Oklahoma. Oh, that's right for the tornado. Yeah. We both did a benefit together out there. And that's right. I had to get over there. Quick and your manager with nice enough to go. Hey, get on the plane, and then you and I flew back together. Yeah. But I want to say that because I don't know if you want to know, how rich you are shut up my plans. Plans this plane was that anyway, we know I just got on. And nobody said anything that metoo. Luckily, it was going back to national report of that. Paola trial. Jet ride, and Ronnie Dunn come on Ronnie, okay? Come on. Are you kidding me? I shut up. Have you seen you? I must say nothing door. We've all been dislike I used to get on the radio and beg you guys to come in. And you got. This. Okay. She kicks call your radio station would be like aching kicks come over. And they'll be like. No. And I was like I don't care what somebody told me anything what's up with this project because I know about it. It's out there. Couple songs out today. How do you feel when someone does like a celebrate Tori project toward you Ronnie like they made these songs the two that are out today. Luke combs brand new man caned Brown does believe like how does that feel when someone celebrates you and make your music? Well, it just kind of old, you know. And that's Monte Rosa said I get over that. And go dang how cool it's it's super coup and started to in the studio with these guys, you know, and and get to do it in real time. No in today's digital age. Everybody's like cars are going on cross town. This dramas are over here. Singers are over here ones over here. Well, got in the same room. And did it I'm gonna hear this. There's some headphones if you want, but I'm gonna play a little bit of brand new man from Luke combs, you can check this out right here. You guys are in the room whenever that's happening. Like, you guys are making that with him and put us THEO pretty whole school in the room with next to one another face to face that is old school, and you know, look actually had posted ham and a couple of his band guys acoustically plan brand new man, and and it got sent around to us. And you know, we just said that's cool. You know as crate, and it's kinda how this guy going. It really wasn't our idea. Couple of different Casey must graves doing neon moon in her show, and whatever and our manager said, and this these seemed to dig y'all's music in there may be a project here and know several like, and I guess he came back about a month later and said, hey, I got a big list, and then everybody seems to be in. So we'll shoot a single again. Here's Kane Brown doing believe. There was anybody. Desert ticket to the other side. Dance lead on. Me any. Come

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