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All right. Welcome to another episode of piecing together the podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it and if all goes according to plan this is the first episode of two thousand twenty one so happy new year everybody and thank you so much for being here and for listening to this show two thousand and twenty which is an awesome year and there have been an amazing amount of new listeners to this show and i am looking forward to continuing it for a long time to come so lots of piecing it together coming your way so of course make sure you are subscribed on your podcast app of choice rate and review as an apple podcast pod chaser follow us on social media piecing pod join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces. Check out our patriotic produced by david. Rosen all those things but you know most of all. You're here now. You're here with us today. So let's talk about a a movie. Let's talk about a movie that I wanted to make sure to get a chance to talk about i. I didn't love this movie. It's called the midnight sky it stars and is directed by george clooney. And it's out on netflix. Six it came out a couple of weeks back already But i wanted to make sure to do an episode on it. Because even though i didn't love it I thought it would be a good jumping off point for some good puzzle. Pieces some good discussion and joining me. Is josh bell from awesome movie year and we had a great conversation about it. I am really happy. We got to do this one. So that is coming up now in a second but Also coming up last week this week. Like surrounding this episode is a whole bunch of special end of two thousand twenty content. We've got the top ten of the year. Which would have just come up at the time that this is Going going up. That came out this past friday and We also had a top ten first time. Watches of two thousand twenty. That's going to be an interesting episode and a top five Documentaries of two thousand twenty. So a lotta great special episodes coming your way so just wanna make sure you all know about that And then of course we'll be getting onto more regular episodes of piecing together buffer. Now let's get into the midnight sky. Who all right. Josh bell is back with us to talk about the new. George clooney movie. The midnight sky josh. How doing i'm doing. Well how are you. I am great. I am very much looking forward to our Top ten movies of the year episode planning on recording later this week but we got other movies to squeeze in i so we are talking about the midnight sky. I think this movie is not going to be in that top. Ten list may may just Fall below there. But we'll we'll get our thoughts in on this episode. At least we'll have mentioned in the closing of two thousand twenty. Yeah this is. This is an interesting movie. I didn't love it. I've as i've like been putting together my puzzle piece lists and stuff like that and just kind of reflecting on 'em like it wasn't it wasn't that bad and i'm glad we're gonna be talking about it. I think it's It's definitely movie we're talking about and there should be some good pieces but i did want to ask you though upfront. Was this a movie. Obviously we just kind of randomly were like it will. Let's do the midnight sky but was this a movie that you were like really looking forward to and it was coming out now not right now i mean i wasn't i wasn't like oh i. Hey i can't believe. I'd have to see that movie or anything but i think george clooney as director is not particularly. I mean there's some decent movies but he doesn't have a super great track record and the other thing is he doesn't have a particularly distinctive style. So there's nothing like the new george clooney movie. I know how that's going to be and like. I really enjoy what he does. So i'm going to look forward to that. I think he's a good actor And i like scifi movies. It was based on a book that got a lot of acclaim and it looked kind of intriguing to me but it wasn't at the top of my list of things that i wanted to see. I did however go out of my way to see this movie at the drive in when is available in part because i was excited because the drive in here hasn't been showing that many net flicks films. Even though some of the indoor theaters here have been. I would have loved to go see manque for example a big screen or Which we could have done if i wanted to go to an indoor theatre here. But they didn't have it at the drive in. So i saw that they were playing it and i thought oh. Yeah i'm just gonna i'm gonna go check that out because i didn't want to go see christmas chronicles to drive in which they played for many weeks or so. I was excited kind of about that. And i felt like this was a good movie to see on a big screen and i almost wonder if my slightly more favourable response to it had to do with getting to see it that way possible. I don't know so no. It was one of those movies that i think in the in the long list of what's coming up at the end of the year that is Prestigious and being pushed for awards a kind of got lost there. I think but Once it was once it was out. I thought you know what i wanna see at night. I actually went. I ended up going on the last day before it closed. Because i wanted to make sure to see it before it laughed and obviously there wasn't i don't think it did a huge business Three three other cars there with me. Maybe an and one of them left halfway through the movie so this kind of movies so it's the kind of thing that like in the in the in the old times when you go to an indie theater in some unsuspecting people would think oh george clooney. He's a big handsome movie star. Let's go see that movie and then halfway through like what is this. Slow space nonsense. I needed a nap. I think what you're saying though About george clooney. The director is absolutely right. And and it sucks. I honestly it bugs me. Because i like him so much as an actor and just as like this personality i mean he's one of the one of the few movie stars who like. I just feel like. I'm rooting for away. When he does direct a movie when he does try to expand on what he does and yeah. It's definitely a lot more miss than hit for sure. Yeah and he's obviously dedicated to it. It's not like sometimes there's actors and they direct one movie and you get the impression that they thought like. I'm going to try this out. And then they don't really follow through with it but this has got to be his sixth or seventh movie as a director right. And i'm i'm sure he's planning more so it seems like he would have at some point developed a particular perspective or sil- or something and It doesn't have. I mean this movie doesn't feel like similar to other george clooney direct do now. He's in any way not at all every one of them seems like i almost wonder if you go back through them all if you'd find influence from whoever he had recently worked with you know the previous years. Yeah i think that's something that's come up a lot. The idea that he works with these big directors because he's a big movie star and they kind of rub off on him and he thinks oh you know what i want to make a movie like the coen brothers i wanna make. It'll be like steven soderbergh. I wanna make a movie like alphonso not to our right. And he's george clooney and he's famous so he gets money and he gets his pick of projects. I i don't know how hot this was a project but again it was. Based on a very acclaimed novel it was written the screenplay by mark smith who wrote the revenue in to certainly a hot screenwriter. I could see this as a project that had like a lot of interest from different directors. But george clooney's george.

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