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Minutes straight and i could tell she was so grateful and i got so lucky i came i can't believe i found her because she's already potty trained she hasn't ripped anything up and she's the perfect road companion so it's almost like it was meant to be so what kind of dog is she in what did you name her she is a boxer mix i'm not sure what she's mixed with and i named her freedom funny story i was actually driving home from the resource center try dr during his face time with my sister and i started singing george michael's freedom because i felt you know she was now free out of that cage i was having a new sense of freedom about the hit the open road and so i was just excited my sisters like that's a perfect name you should name the dog freedom and it just sit perfectly and so that's how she got her name joe how joining me for a couple more moments i'm joey sound amazing you sound so great like it's an nfl player you know how regimented that life is so in terms of this trip i mean are you really detailed or do you kind of roll out every single day and just kind of let the rotel view where you and freedom should go and what you should do yeah i mean i got a rough sketch the first couple couple months it's kind of nice because i have a lotta of interest plans with different buddies and people wanted to see and so i kind of getting my my toe in the water kinda getting a little bit and doing campsites here and there but staying kind of around places unfamiliar with and after this couple months i plan on heading heading up the east coast and and spend the summer months up in the northern states where it's not too cold so i can see the cool places up there but i don't wanna planet out too much kinda wanna wing it and let the road kinda talk to me 'cause by find somewhere i love i kinda wanted to just be able.

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