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Christmas. Wow. Now it can the RDX lying again. If we get it fired up, we can make it back to the North Pole before Christmas. Let's give a shot climbed. The parts are in place, but we don't have any power, No more letters. But remember, we never found Lewis his letter, Right? We just started talking about coming here and completing the mission Manny, The machine, the list for kids in the four corners of the earth Jed Anna France-Soir. If we were supposed to come here to Chicago than loses the final kid, We were supposed to check them to put him on either the nice list. Many, I think we both know. Lewis wasn't meant to be on the nice list. He did a lot of really bad things see per the rules of the mission. Say that a naughty kid has to be placed on the naughty list. It's health system works House always work. The RDA his cowering up. I can't do it paper. I can't put Lewisham Minani list. I mean, kids do not evenings just like grown-ups do, but it doesn't always make them back people and for us or anybody else to just put them in a list NCB don't get gifts that they're not deserving like everybody else it wrong paper. I know you believe in the list that it's part of the mission. You train four by I'm with you and I know you have a huge career ahead of yourself. Did you see your with me? Gas Partners, Manny, We're not putting loose on the naughty list. Things aren't that simple and I can't duty. That is just a kid Mrs that. RDX shut off as we won't put Lewisham the Nautilus esta. It's not going to fly. I'm sorry. I Steve your dream. I had the wrong dream. Even if the chief the cow swatting. Everyone else thinks we've failed. It doesn't feel like failure to me. It feels like the merry Christmas. No, Her too late. The Christmas bells are ringing Christmas is here many with our church bells. They're sleigh bells. Luke Kuhn not chest church bells. If this. This is not just any sleigh It's Santa. Sarid said not heard you look Manning is blowing a world water for you force many. I'm right behind you.

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