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Lawrence summers science reporter a kqed we're gonna take a break and come back and talk about to algorithms helping to make decisions in the courtrooms and in the realm of public policy all coming up after the break so stay with us support for this podcast comes from biorad laboratories at the forefront of groundbreaking research by allred laboratories has been advancing discovery for over sixty years while we've all heard and talked about the breakthroughs in gene editing using crisper cast nine but without the right tools gene editing still takes a lot of trial and error just to get what you want with bile reds improved gene editing workflows you can increase your success using crisper cast nine with biorad you can access readymade protocols and resources stay up on current research and you can even experience crisper in virtual reality bind all the tools you need online in the crisp toolbox at viall high fron red dot com slash define your flow beds bio hyphen red dot com slash define your flow to find the many tools available to you check out by already chris toolbox at bio hyphen red dot com slash define your flow this is science friday i am i replayed show an algorithm is a series of steps a computer takes in arriving at a decision algorithms are used to figure out what posts pop up been your social media feet they can suggest a song you might like or recommend a spot for dinner that something that gets your attention but what about one algorithms are used in higher stakes decisionmaking like determining a jail sentence or where to send police on foot patrols this is the stuff that might make you think a bit more deeply and with that in mind researchers wanted to understand how some of those algorithms work and compare them to help people actually think they tested a tool that is used to predict if a defendant is a risk for committing another crime and they found that a group of randomly sampled untrained people arrive at the same predictive rate as the algorithm and they publish their their study in the journal science advances.

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