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Only I'm joining us area, Spion Lakers insider and beat reporter with us you on the show on. ESPN LA. Let me double back to the conversation. We were having before that last question about Tim Harris. You mentioned the business grew basically the CFO, right? Is his title, right? I think it's president of business operations and okay NB alternate governor. Okay. Thank you for clarifying that. How much we know he's name was included in these coaching searches. Do we know that he does have like do we have tangible evidence? Besides what we know already that he has more tangible. Input on basketball operations. Do we know anything more to that more that or no? Tim. Tim is a pretty sharp guy, obviously, especially with the business aside things he's the guy that really helped kind of seal that twenty year deal with a spectrum sports net, the TV, the TV carrier of the Lakers and also the radio deal that we have with Lakers as well. So he's very shrewd on that side but he's been in organizations for a long time. He he comes back, and he knew Dr buff, so he had a relationship there believe. And so I think his relationship with Jean genie likes to surround yourself with people that she trust and believed him Harris in that circle of trust. And so when magic blindsided, the franchise, the first prime when he stepped down on April ninth the Lakers got together and also gun genie bus and surrounded herself with her visors, and I believed him Harris was in that room when it first happened. So moving four whenever they made the decision far as like interviewing coaches when they got to the finish line. I think Tim Harris had some input and certainly was in the room talking to Canada's and things. That nature because it looked any franchise. If you are going to be if you're going to be on the same page, you gotta be on the same page with your business side as well. Magic's right about one thing the people on the business side. Well, he says they should stick to the business side. But these two sides bathroom business often run together, you know, I've been around the New York Knicks back in the late nineties when, like Ernie Grunfeld, Dave Checketts, Jeff Gundy. There was like a power struggle there. And sometimes the coaching staff is wanted to be coaching staff, and coach team where where sometimes the business side of things they want the coaching stuff to do certain things and be available and all that other stuff. That happens a lot today. Allegra organization. So it does me if imported to be on the same page, which your business people, somebody assured his Tim, that just good business to me is basketball. Oh, look, I get what you're saying. I do think that all things aligned makes for a better organization, but there's a difference between, and this is these are magic words being part of the final say or discussion on basketball stuff, when you're not a basketball person, like I get that part of it. Don't you think that needs at least some separation potentially? No. Yes. And that's what I was gonna say where magic is right. That if he was a guy who's supposed to have the final say, and it ended with him, just him and Jeannie will, then if Tim if Tim involved and Tim said he didn't wanna fire loop within that is a problem. And then now I think what you're seeing without magic. It is definitely a collaborative effort where there's a lot of people that have to console them things..

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