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The corners and the activity then begins one delivering here it is runner goes real middle throw is going to be in plenty of time now they've got yell at jinnah rundown lorenzo cain is breaking for home plate he's gonna score yell it long enough and the rundown to get lorenzo cain home nice piece of base running both sides four from the issue just a bit there officially it goes down as kane reaching on a fielder's choice while christian yelich out two six three four three we can check what zip code that is here in the united states all right let's jump ahead so brewers are up a one nothing but the marlins would answer that with former brewer lewis brinson leaving things off the top of the third two balls two strikes on brinson brewers play him the poll slightly and here comes chase in in the air centerfield cain going back this is gonna be gone just short of the camera well four hundred twenty nine foot home run brinson back at one hundred and fourteen miles per hour and it tied it up at one a piece but the brewers in the bottom of the third inning would get that run back the ending get started with lorenzo cain to a two here comes peter graham ball hair down the third baseline headed towards the quarter hit off the side wall kick out into shallow laughed is lorenzo cain is into second we'll leadoff double cain within move to third on a put out and he would eventually come in to score as he would come in on a wild pitch and that would give the brewers the lead once again however they would lose the lead in the fifth inning and the top of the pit cameron may leave the indian off what they walk and the next batter it's that lewis brinson guy again now the stretch the pitch swing and a fly ball hit to shut again this one is going to get outta here brinson has taken chase anderson out for the second time tonight this one goes nine feet less it goes four hundred and twenty feet but accounts for one more run and that would give the marlins.

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