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I hope you you and your wife, Ricky are doing well. Morning. All is well happy to say great. Great. So, Bill, Here's something that really, really really bothers me. I've lived in the West Village for 25 years I've seen the gay pride parade all these years wending its way through the village. I watched the police look out for people I have never ever in the 25 years. See the police do anything. But look after the people marching in the parade I've seen, you know, gay people, all kinds of different dresses, you know, running up, giving the police a hug the police hugging them back. And now the officials of the gay pride parade. They want to ban the police department. I mean, I just find it outrageous. So rages. It's shameful. It's disappointing. We can. I have proudly marched in that parade when I was police commissioner. I want us in Los Angeles. Same thing we probably much in the very, very large gay pride parades there. 1976. I was appointed as the first liaison to the gay community in the Boston Police Department. The next year, we created the first hate crimes unit. In the country to investigate, Among other things, crimes committed against gays. Law enforcement has been moving in a direction to protect in defend that community. For decades. In addition, in that parade, you would have noticed hundreds upon hundreds off New York police officers, corrections officers, firefighters proudly marching in that parade in uniform. Being well received by the hundreds of thousands of people who attend the parade. So the idea that a small minority of leadership in that community is upsetting the growth over the last 50 years is outrageous. Initially, the populace participated year after year in the Stonewall celebration that began the gay pride movement. I participated in that event several years myself was commissioner. So the action is outrageous as we're trying to bring police and community together and who was the gay community going to have to go to to have defense against those who would basically attack them? The police. So why do you want to attack the police, particularly gay police officers, men, women who are proud of being gay and being New York City police officers, firefighters. Understand number of the unions and are boycotting that event, which they should tell outrageous. Bill. You have quite a resume when it comes to gay rights that can I ask you just about my sister Pat is gay Heard apart. They were going the first couples to be married in Massachusetts when that was basically, uh, legalized number years ago. Both of them working for the post office with victims of anti gay activities directed against them. So I have personal experiences with the idea of of hate and effectively. This is a small minority of the leadership. Which fell. Why taking this? Well, why are they doing this? Who knows in the sense of stupid, stupid, stupid move, and I would hope that many of the sports is of that event, corporate sponsors of the city agencies. Basically let their voices be heard in many respects. This repeats the issue of the ST Patrick's freight with for years, the Irish would not let gay Irish march in that parade. In the city. Politicians refused to march in that parade because of it. Let's see what will happen now with US people political leadership if they refused to march in the parade with people that work with them for them. Tonight. Access to that parade and those events shameful. I got to say, Bill I was. You know our mayor, your former boss, Mayor de Blasio. He said he was, I guess disappointed, but I didn't really get a sense of real outrage in his voice. He should boycott that parade. Well, they should be asking all these mayoral candidates. What would see a perspective on this. This this idea of discrimination against gay police officers, officers who effectively Out there to protect every citizen, gay or otherwise, and who proud of being gay and proud of being the actually police officers of firefighters. It's uh again. You can't make this stuff up Bill the other story on the table. That's that's really biggest subway crime, and that the they're going to send another 250 policemen underground. And that will have the biggest force underground in 25 years is that is that the answer? Send more police there. No, it's not because what they're doing is the additional 250 of going in there piecemeal couple of hours overtime here and there, which is important because one of the big issues that has impacted subway crime has been the cut in the police overtime budget by the mayor of the City Council, a significant cut that police departments need overtime to make up the loss of thousands of offices that this department has suffered. So when I was commissioner of police chief of Subway police in 1990, I had 3800 offices. That one is highest 4100. We emerged that department in the city police in 1995, a Giuliani. And the force was reduced significantly because basically all the administrators other detectives instead of a recent large department. But that force was down to about 2200 offices. 476 stations 300 so much strange when I get any given time 700 turnstile arrays. You're not enough cops down there and as a city population is being encouraged to return to work on the subways. If you don't flood the zone if you don't flood those stations and trains With police and give them some tools to work with us. The other thing they don't prosecute. Fair Betas don't prosecute disorderly behavior. I don't prosecute anything anymore that the subways are going to continue to be the lead story on the news every set every night. Mm. Hey, Bill Before we run, Are you up? Are you optimistic about the return of New York or when it comes back, or we faced with kind of now in trench crime That's going to take a long time to it to get under control it. It's going to take awhile the changes over the last two years between the corner virus issues as well as the foolishness of the criminal justice reform. Efforts well intended efforts that have screwed things up to a fairly well, We need criminal justice reform. But we need thoughtful criminal justice before him. We need collaborative criminal justice reform. We have not had that. I don't anticipate seeing that. Going forward into the future, So the recovery in New York is going to take years. It's not gonna be summer. It's not gonna be this year. It's going to be years and the crime issue is I don't see any significant Changed in the charm aside shootings or the subway crime unless they get serious about funding the police not de funding them in the City Council, the budget hearing just last week. Still talking about making hundreds of millions of dollars out of the police budget. Insanity. She's all right. Bill Bratton, former NYPD commissioner. Always great having you on the show, Bill. Thanks a lot of great stuff. Okay. All right up next. We're gonna remember the terrific actor Charles Grodin. Len and I both had the pleasure of spending some time with him. Great guy. One of the funniest people I've ever met. Charles Grodin has died at age 86..

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