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These days one of, these days we're going, to say talking sports with and come up with a town or county, or wherever and I'm gonna. Look over I'm going to have a call from. That locale Williamstown shot from Williamstown caused. A lot he's not on the phone, lines now but you never know what that we're going to. Throw out we're out there, for, everybody Pro. Your tout town out there before the, night is over can you tell which one's coming up furry. Or is it just random Don't tell me I don't wanna know I'm just asking you do you, know at a time what one's coming up, next because we played once or twice an hour now it's just a random, thing, say so we don't know what's coming up next. But you could make my night if you are. Pine after. We. Call you shoot I'd love. To have you out ahead, of time, I'd love to hear you say coming up next we're in. No let me pick anytime soon I don't wanna take. Any but man. Young and I look over and I got a Manny uncle that's. What I'm hoping happens before the night. Is out you. Never know I gotta. Get calls to have any kind of chance on that the phones have. Been a little slow I get it it's a, slow night there's nothing going on, in sports the day after, the all star break the only thing we're talking about is Manny Machado not being belly, owner of dairies disappointed in perturbed in Milwaukee because the three teams were. Most often mentioned where the brewers Phillies and a dodge zoos pretty much A foregone conclusion he was coming? To the National League at the whole Yankees had to be in on it thing, I think was blown out of proportion why, because dead Yankees and everything's blown out of proportion about the Yankees I'm sure, Brian, Cashman made a phone call and inquired instead a. Sounds like you really are going to move Manny..

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