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I know would lose your an oncoming might be barred loan because of a lack of problem with the whole goulet are not been able to make it on the bridge and the now just just so you know it was going to have to be dismantled because of this sales in the mass there's no bruce on the other people's they will maybe you should make the braga bridge two other things that convention center with michael rises maybe it's time to replace subregionally drawbridge or maybe just a bridge the higher clearance obviously that can't be done entire broke to get back at you might have to go over the bridge but i could see this potentially being used more than more than for both events at the convention center maybe here's a years this is a good one oh wait a minute check this up edwards says it a puzzle you like this edwards says sixty thousand miles of adventure to end up in a ditch or a toilet bowl depending on your opinion of the alawite canal sometimes it gets pretty below booboy sometimes that the aroma of the canal is interesting there you go franklin as many more bridges to gum not just university of avenue but when the nine holes of golf courses taken away for the development or moral does door you'll get your bridges dont'a dances why in the heck and he's eric winalda blake would need to go through the la and a gerald says what's the hokule'a a welcome hello earth to darryl why the convention center the beaches within reach as john well let's not the thing down the she must go through the boy jimmy says that's weird find another place discopub getting poci bay and williams as why the alloway i'll tell you why because if you look this is a huge monumental accomplishment the whole thing is a mind blower and so i think that everything should be done now you're already knew the the last time it added problem.

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