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10 W T V. N. The agency that handles America's nuclear weapons stockpile is apparently among those hit by a massive cyberattack reports here that the research laboratories and other offices of the National Nuclear Security Administration were targeted. Several other entities under the Energy Department were also hit. Two House committees are now looking into this widespread cyber attack on U. S government systems in Russia is believed to be responsible. In an effort to avoid any non essential out of state travel to help reduce the spread of the Corona virus were encouraged to stay home. But lucky for us Santa has an immunity from Cove in 19. To this immunity. It is unnecessary per Santa and his affiliated elves and reindeer to comply with the public health orders. Those curfews and health orders exempt Santa the elves and the reindeer from travel testing in quarantine requirements so that he can deliver all of his gifts around the world. Old and for the adults. The mega millions drawing is set for tonight. It's showing some big bucks as well. The estimated jackpot worth $310 million the cash option coming in at around 238 million bucks. The Times Square Alliance is holding their 14th annual good riddance stay later this month in New York City. Well, it's a concept no doubt many could get behind this year, writing down a memory or syriza of 2020 memories onto a piece of paper and tossing it into the shredder. In this case. It's an industrial size shredder right there in the heart of midtown, near where the ball will drop in keeping with social distance, saying, You can submit your unpleasant memories virtually this year at t sq dot org's They will actually be printed out and shredded on December 28th in Times Square, as is tradition. James Footman, NBC News Radio New York Coming up on news, first five. Matt McCoy with Sports and the Look at Business News, ABC six first Morning meteorologist. Indra Buck, Michael. Good Friday morning, Everyone 33 degrees for the high today. But what about the weekend? Time out. When our next rain snow mix moves in coming up, there will not be a peaceful transition. Major, wintry weather on the way as the season elect takes its seat. Winter has a rock the agendas. No, no snow will be laid down snow on the ground heavy accumulations swiftly one of two inches per hour. We'll provide daily briefings. So what's going to happen? A winter storm warning on the transfer transition over to snow off weather, along with her lies ahead, shaky and throughout the day snow continue. Way. Columbus is severe Weather station use radio 6 10 W TV and what comes next for forward. It's doing what we've done for over a century building and facing any problems with integrity, empathy and the strength to outlast them. Ford will always pivot to.

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