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Wanna walk you through, this the American people and by the way since then we've learned there. Was an FBI informant Four, different Feis applications and original one with three extensions And this left wing conspiracy clown dressed up as a. Journalist contributor, to the Washington. Post still doesn't get it go ahead one exhibit one this is all public Head street. Who separate, slapped his head. Street a news website Go links to the counter intelligence community have confirmed that the. FBI sought and was granted a Arn intelligence surveillance act court, this is fine In. October giving counterintelligence Examine the activity of quote US arsons in Donald Trump's campaign. With, ties to Russia wow, pretty accurate They had pretty decent information just a. Little, pre accurate And I read it go ahead go on So. Let, me say the first vice requests sources, say name Trump was. Denied back in June denied by the court but the second was. Drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented of a server possibly related to the. Trump, campaign and its alleged links to banks now sources suggest that they face a warrant was granted to look at the whole continent of emails and other. Related documents that may concern you as person. So let's. Stop there The vast majority of the information in the face application it's been released has been redacted. That is blacked out So I'm reading from this news article from this new site They. Got information probably leaked from these top officials at the FBI Is that a, right wing conspiracy go ahead hung up with Trump's? Where wiretapping well how did they get access to the server information does it really matter if it was tapping electron. Surveillance or whatever it was exhibit to see. Miss this this reporter so never even listened to what I said Never? Went back and even listening to what I said go ahead and well known right wing British paper here it is. So stop I'm reading now from the guardian The. Guardian, go ahead. Glaring the FBI applied. For a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance court over. The summer in order to, monitor for members of. The Trump e suspected I. Let's stop that's to media sources That say there was another request. In, the summer before the Tober one We. Still don't have any information about that other than what these reports say. But these are. News reports, as to home in, or whatever. The hell your name is go ahead contacts with Russian officials even mind this was towing a presidential election The sitting president the. Incumbent party is now, investigating a presidential candidate of the. Republican party. And his campaign and that is exactly what took place and that's exactly what, still taking place and the media are schizophrenic on the one hand they. Pretend it's not. Taking place, on the other hand, the reporting. It is taking place go ahead The court turned down the application asking FBI counterintelligence investigators narrow its focus according to one report the FBI was finally granted a warrant in, October exhibit three my quasi another, McClatchy a. News organization go ahead right wing newspaper here they have agencies headline FBI, five other agencies five other Obama administration agencies pro, possible covert Kremlin a to Trump the FBI and five, other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for months. In an investigation into Russian attempts to influence. The November election including whether money from Kremlin covertly aided stop so people at the FBI, in the intelligence agencies at the top. Levels no doubt are leaking this information to the media and we. Know there leakers they've, been caught as leakers but this. Information is being leaked, to the media they are sources. For the Media Now my sources I didn't write these stories It's just I put them together one. After, another after, that's not right wing conspiracy News stories Go ahead by Donald Trump to people familiar with the matter said the agencies involved in the inquiry are the FBI, the CIA, the NSA the Justice department Treasury Department's financial crimes, enforcement network and representatives director of the national intelligence? Are you so as McClatchy line What's the guardian line Let's head street lying? Are they right wing Are they not saying that the Trump campaign or individuals? Associated with the Trump. Campaign had been surveilled That? A number of Obama administration intelligence and FBI are are working on it do they not say that Go ahead Barack, Obama didn't know it was As. You hold on okay keep going not done I need to make the case because the media seems..

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