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O'Hare forty one at midway forty-two along Chicago's lakefront next news update will be at eleven o'clock. I'm Andrea darlas Caesar the stories that matter on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Back to the United Center. Blackhawks lose three one the Philadelphia Flyers. They remain at seventy four points said about the only saving grace out of the game tonight is that Amazon loss and even though Colorado one they're also sitting at seventy eight points. So the gap of the Blackhawks trailed that second wildcard remains four points. It just belongs to Colorado now instead of Arizona, and would you not Blackhawks with game Saturday in Denver against the Avs. And then the return date Sunday night here at the United Center against the ads as well. It just ramps up the urgency in those two particular games as there's now just nine to go while Colorado. The hawks have a game in hand on Colorado, which it says eight games remaining the door remains open, but time is running out. Let's get some post game reaction. Now. First of all, it's here from the captain Jonathan tapes. Wilson. Pretty good times. Still pretty frustrating that so the huge opportunity to a that. We fall short so stolen say we played as good on building that we have on the road. So we've got to find a better here. And we can't allow ourselves to full shorten candy points anymore. What did you see? Stop the team. Wasn't sure if it had session. Face all the time. Serious situation understand blow the whistle. But it's still there. We have another chance it's not the difference making a game. So. Goaltender guys done. There's always more. Find ways to win puck battles around the ghetto. Second efforts. Pretty finally we better in front of them. Here's his last night games. Yeah. Either way if we score not we gotta get some women's Moffitt. We're not going to find that poise and just moving the park and get an open for each other. I think we're things are going really well for us. Just four guys playing really well without the puck and being available moving too quick. Just being relaxed with it. So. I think your power it goes through ups and downs throughout the season. We've been hot at times. I think it's just a workout victim got to find ways to get back on the scoresheet made a difference for team Jonathan as you said, you gotta win these games now fortunate that you have Colorado these next two games as the team in front of you. Yeah. Can go one QA. So obviously, we want to the best occupy Sherwin control of who gives the points that these next to. Ernest losses. Boston. Just turning on this one. Facing a Gordon? Just to have about it. Greeted stocks. Cheers. Second third, and again like I said there's you can always do more try and find the second effort's going going the initial shot. We give them credit..

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