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Tiger Woods. Is he back? Well, with Tigers words, he wouldn't be because he wins championships LeBron James is. It's all about winning championships. It's not about playoff appearances. It's not even going to the NBA finals. It's winning championships because that's what it's all about. When you're keeping score with with Tiger Woods, it's about winning majors with LeBron it's about winning championships as well. Here is Chris Pohl talking about Carmelo Anthony. I think the sky's the limit with Mello's hunger, his ability to to to stretch the court just as hunger in our thing. We talked about it last year to the biggest thing me James tuck coach. All of us have in common is that we, we have a common goal, then one to win a championship. And so I think Melo as that same, you know hunger. All right. Don't feed him. Then mellow on maybe coming off the bench in Houston. The have had that conversation get up, you know with anybody. But like I said, everything had been talking, you know, talking to people and talked about to like, I'm very. Clear on what my role is. Yeah, I don't agree with what he just said, because I know for fact that that was discussed with him when he was going to Houston because he brought it up about being a role player coming off the bench. He doesn't see himself as that. That's the problem. I have this situation. Manu Ginobili had a hall of fame career because he understood what his role was even when he could have been starting should have been starting. He understood his role, and if I have mellow is the focal point of that second unit man, that makes us so much more dangerous because if our five and you're five are just about even, but the second five is the difference. You know, when you had that death squad Golden State prove that that you can't even when they bring in different players. You can't. You can't take time off a quarter off half a quarter off. That's what that's what mellow has to be able to help this team with if he's going to be a liability in some ways. So let's limit that and have. Him out there and have have mount their for one reason and that is he is your focal point on offense. That's it because the other times down the floor, I got James harden, Chris, Paul, I'm okay. Ofensive -ly I gotta have somebody in that second unit and if it's mellow, that makes us even more dangerous. Their final hour coming up. We'll talk to hall of Famer Bruce Smith. Is he the all time sack leader fritzy everything. I'm looking at. It hasn't been two hundred top Reggie White and everybody else the number one spot. We'll talk to you about the new roles in the NFL that protecting the quarterback and Bruce got some strong opinions on this. We'll get to more of your phone calls as well. We'll hear from Colli Leonard. Yeah, go figure two hours in the books. One more to go on this Tuesday and in the Dan Patrick show. Football season is here, and no one covers football like podcast, one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells during preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for me at this point. We also have Jim Harbaugh with attack each day and revenge of the jocks with Martellus Bennett. Football's the ultimate soap opera. So download all of these shows in more each week on podcastone sports dot com. Can you see onto embroi- lag. Can we would partake in this, hey, we have. We've, we've been Alexa play Arianna 'Grande. Okay. With Amazon music of voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. The White House says, it's open to a second accuser, testifying Thursday, the same day supreme court. Nominee Br Cavanaugh will testify before the Senate Judiciary committee. He denies sexual misconduct allegations from two women are the do this or anything resembling this. He's wrong. He was on Fox News.

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