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The People Bet on the entrepreneur people bet on the grit and the determination of the entrepreneur and so. I knocked on a hundred doors. Or? Maybe two hundred doors to get those twenty I would say I got ten knows for every one. Yes. That's about right though that's what people have. That's what you have to do. Yeah. And it's funny that you say that because at our tenth anniversary, our board chair said, I, remember meeting, Jacqueline. And she was telling me this thing and it was so exciting and I made a commitment for one hundred thousand dollars and then I got home and I told my husband that I just made this commitment for a hundred thousand dollars and he said, well, what she do and he said I, don't know. I think that was the moment. I. Thought. This is what we do as human beings. We bet on people and while it couldn't articulate exactly how it works I could clearly articulate with did not work and that I was trying something to disrupt that system. Is it true that what investment banker told you that your idea of combining business and philanthropy would not only not work that it was a misguided not just one. I would say the course of the next seven or eight years, dozens and dozens talk to me about how fuzzy headed. misguided. And dangerous this idea was and most important than it would never work and it's funny now. Debbie. One of our companies has brought electricity one, hundred, million, low income people, and some of those naysayers are now co-investors and. I just think that's how it works. Yeah. Be The crazy one that people say mean things about misguided. You don't understand business all the things that people. Say when they're afraid. And do it anyway and if you do it well, some of those biggest naysayers end up becoming your best allies. Those are the people that hold you accountable to. Yeah. That's. Because they're saying, no Jack, let me tell you and the set was such certainty and I'm not a certainty person right I'm a seeker. So it would always really shocked me their names saying go around and round my head and I. Think we'll the right if I can't find metrics that are equally as rigorous for social impact is financial impact. Then how am I gonNA prove and so in a way they they end up being allies if you don't let them crush you. Guess. The, earliest challenges, your new organization faced was finding the Moors and the ideas in which to invest what were some of your first initiatives as a young company. Some, were big failures. We had an intra, we had a a digital hearing aid that I thought was totally going to disrupt the market because it was thirty dollars in it tested as well as a three thousand dollar a model complete failure because. Vanity Vanity. Vanity. We had a very high tech way of testing disease, which now probably would cost like a dime but at the time, it was very expensive to try and get off the ground and I learned. That if you don't understand technology, you have no business investing in it even though I knew that the narrative was right wrong technology and then we got really lucky and we met a man named Dr Venkataswami who had this gorgeous idea you know thinking about you at someone who loves design he had designed system aimed at eradicating unnecessary blindness in Madurai India. By which you could get access to some of the world's best I care intraocular lend..

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