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15. I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant. Thanks for being with us. Sheriff's detectives in Charles County want your help to identify the body of a woman found in a field near Bell Alton 25 years ago this month. Investigators believe the woman is from Maryland and that she was murdered. Detectives and forensic scientists have used several advanced technologies to try to identify the woman. They're also hoping to hear from a tipster who reached out to the Charles County crime solvers tip line in connection with the case. Meanwhile, engineering officials are sounding optimistic about replacing that damaged section of I -95 5 quickly. George Washington University civil engineering professor Kim Rhodes says recycled foam glass aggregate is being trucked in from a nearby company to quickly build up the damaged area to road level and create three temporary northbound and three temporary southbound lanes while they build a 10 lane permanent fix. Building the permanent bridges on the side they're going to be doing that over the course of many months and then when those two bridges on the side are ready they will reopen. The temporary repairs could be ready in a matter of weeks which will substantially ease traffic congestion. Crews are already working 24 7 on the project. Dan Ronan WTOP news. She's the youngest player signed up in history the of the National Women's League Soccer franchise and she plays right here in Washington. She is 16 year old Chloe Ricketts who plays for the Washington Spirit. When at the age of 15 she was signed as the youngest player ever in the NWSL. She's quickly become a fan fave dribbling with tenacity on the field. I want to make an impact and just help my team much as as I can so doing crazy moves like that helps me feel loose and confident in the field. Ricketts says playing with teammates that are national figures in soccer still shocks her. She says quote I wake up and I'm like oh my goodness I'm a professional soccer player. It still doesn't feel real. Kyle Cooper WTOP news. It's back. Try the Old Bay fried shrimp with sustainable shrimp and house -made Caillou Pea tartar at the Silver Diner. It's free redefined. lunch WTOP presents free lunch Friday courtesy of Silver Diner. Enter for your chance to win free lunch at wtop .com search free lunch. Free lunch Friday is applicable to dine in lunch only at participating locations. A quick look at the top stories we're working on at WTOP. Secretary of State Blinken is in China on high stakes on a high stakes mission to cool down tensions between Washington and Beijing and dozens killed his militants linked to ISIS. Storm schools in Uganda 41 and 38 including in a school dormitory.

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