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You know you're always do that man. I mean you're always do that like soon as lebron's teams win like lose back to back game giant. All hell's breaking loose you know just like you did a year like when he took the team with jeff green and second best player all the way. Today finals kayla was hurt. You know yet got sweat. But they ran through the east. Lebron ran through the east jeff green at his second best. So you're always be down them. You got san antonio's a pretty good edna before right now. Opt to hold steady like that. 'cause popovich didn't make the playoffs last year a little san antonio like their players some more experienced than it got a little bit more chemistry. Would each other. Now you've got denver memphis grizzlies memphis grizzlies really hone at six. Because they're only seven sixty played all their games. Because of these kobe protocols whatnot i still think phoenix probably make the playoffs portland at biggest fall out. 'cause it injuries you got golden state. Houston houston Good houston actually. Last eight games the best defense team in nba golden state At the yeah it'd be golden state of houston probably getting that last play playoffs by the and i'm not gonna doubt steph curry getting steph curry. I'm a. I'm a battle steph curry to get that nobody slop man just too great man in other players around him and get better wiggins kelly bray that you know. He just went to let you know he just went to a new team so he's got to fit in but the west of made used to dallas down there porzingas fully healthy. But they might. They might miss the playoffs. Ib is disco. Be tough man is going to be tough. Grizzly sons trailblazers warriors rackets thunders under law dating we got chris paul no more still there lingering at at being a five hundred team you got the kings is allowed but i mean i hate to say it over the t. Wolves tools got to know won't pick We get no won't pick again next year helicopters I'm disappointed that it'll be so much better. Was i on ingram I'm guessing defense dallas defense sacramento defense. I mean yeah like is gonna be tough is gonna be tough Jamal murray seemed to like falling off. You got so players. Come up like.

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