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Had it as a hedge and l shaped edge with some using there, and this is just a commercial property but really caught my eye and the blue of it is very much like The blue jewel a cross between, say a Heavenly blue. Blue Morning glory to Perry Winkle. So it's It's kind of blew in that color. So almost a true blue. I think you'll find it very fascinating. Um Other things on my list here. Is that just joke around here. But You know, the other day I was looking up in the Heels. 3 60. And Solve this wonderful Really neat looking. Oh, I don't know how to describe it like smoke. Cloud. It was like I couldn't couldn't quite make it out. But it was going through the tops. Of all of the houses and in the shrubbery that all the speeders up there at the top of the hills and very, very need watching it, blah, blah. And then, to my horror, I realized that wasn't a clown. It was Peter Paul. Just joking there, folks. It didn't quite that thick out there. But my gosh, it is starting If you haven't seen it, it is out there. Almost makes it look like the smoky mountains here in Austin, our own different kind of smoky mountains. I have actually seen clouds go through all the houses in the area up in the Trees at the top of the heels and was shocked to see that I'm guess it's a common occurrence here. It was really neat. The first time I really did see clouds slowly going through the tops of the mountains there very much remind you going on that zest be where the smoking mountain Um, description comes from I never thought about that. But now we have our own different kind of smoky mountains. Unfortunately, with that Another. Adama had toe talk about another plan. I thought you might find very interesting and I haven't seen it in a while. I used to have one up in logic. And it is called a Mexican broom. And it is A huge, gigantic Shrub Bush grow. 0 10 FT. Tall, Easy 10 FT wide, a wonderful corner. Placement for this and what's so neat about it is that has continuous yellow flowers about it. And the best thing about it is they smell so good and so be looking for this plan. If you haven't heard about it before. It's not a sweet burning, which is also yellow. It's much smaller shrub. So don't get it confused with the sweet brim. It is called the Mexican broom. Not sure of the Uh, scientific name, but you should be able find it just a basic Google search. Um Let's see here. Other atoms on Stack of stuff. Wanted Tonto. Let me hold off on this. Looks like we're About to come up. With the heartbreak here with the news..

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