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Public defender. Jeff Adachi died. Suddenly last night at the age of fifty nine the cause of death has yet to be determined or yet to be released. We're not quite sure which KCBS has Larry Sharoni reports on reaction from the mayor who said the city has lost a dedicated public servant and champion. Jeff Adachi was in his fifth term as the city's public defender. San Francisco Chronicle in KCBS insider, fill material says he was not afraid of getting his hands dirty. Jeff Adachi was probably one of the most aggressive and a well known public defenders in the state of California into the office in the early two thousand and has been sort of a voice for the entire progressive legal community ever since. Very skilled trial. Attorney was known to take cases on himself personally. And at least regularly did that so we stayed in the courtroom presiding judge? Garrett Wong in a statement. On behalf of the court said that Adachi was a tireless advocate for all San Franciscans and passionate in his pursuit of Justice for our city. John Burress, civil rights attorney, and a personal friend of Adachi says he admired Adachi for helping those who didn't have a voice commitment to fighting injustice. What the thing that stands out the most for me is vision is competitiveness and certainly his professionalism. How he ran his office. Linda breed statement goes on to say that Jeff Adachi was committed not only to the fight for Justice in the courtroom. But he was also a relentless advocate for criminal Justice reform in San Francisco. Larry Sharoni KCBS rescue teams will return to Funston at sunrise to look for the body of a woman who became trapped in a collapsing sandhill. KCBS has Curtis Kim reports of her friend managed to escape unharmed. It was a massive effort to find the woman buried in amount of San seventy five feet, high San Francisco fire department, Lieutenant John Baxter says they pulled out all the stops. We have about sixty firefighters.

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