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Arabia had 6 43. Let's check the roads. Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the freeze, or better yet, let's let's check the roads. We can see David. Correct. Yeah. It's really tough to see some of them Charlie really bad fog around almost all of the state. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com it generally about a quarter to a half mile visibility for the most part, but we've seen it gets a less than a quarter mile in some spots such as Southern New Hampshire and around the Merrimack Valley. In Burlington, A car went off the road Route three south at 1 28 and conquered malfunctioning traffic lights on route to in front of the Emerson Hospital, and also it's really tough to see in spots around downtown Boston. If you're hiring you need indeed, indeed delivers quality candidates so you can focus on interviewing people with the right skills receive a $75 sponsored job credit when you upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash credit terms and conditions apply. David Straka Lino WBZ traffic on the Threes AccuWeather forecast with mad bands. We're going to have a very nice day once we Burn this fog off and it is very, very dense out there. It will be mild with clouds and some we should get to about 58 degrees for a high Today Partly cloudy tonight and then clouds rolling toward dawn 35 tomorrow. If he cloudy, colder, breezy some What? Snow At times in the afternoon could be just rain. The further South you go, the more likely it be rain Looks like the cable get When the rain and it will be heavy at times down on the cape and temperatures to the mid and upper thirties. Right now, foggy and with clouds were at 41 degrees in Boston, Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Good morning. I'm Charlie Bergeron. And here the five things you need to know. It's 6 45 shooting last night in Woburn..

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