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I'm pulling Johnson with a strike update. They take your car tap money. But still don't have roots selected for light rail. I'm Brian Calvert. And the deadline to keep S T three on time is near those stories and more right after ABC news at nine thirty second democratic member of the Senate Judiciary committee is joining New Jersey's Cory Booker and releasing an Email that had been marks confidential. It contains some of supreme court nominee Brett Kavanagh's thoughts on racial, profiling it's from his time in the George W Bush administration who is maisy Harani says the public should be able to read the Email. I am releasing that document to the press, and I would defy anyone reading this document to able to conclude that this should be deemed confidential in in any way, shape or form. Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas said releasing documents marked confidential, but not classified could get Booker thrown out of the Senate Booker said if he feels that I now my fellow colleagues were with me. How violate those rules if he's not a tempest in a teapot? But sincerely believes that then bring the charges. Those sparks have finished flying for now. Regular questioning has resumed Scott Goldberg. ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Good morning at sixty three and mostly sunny downtown nine thirty one we continue with our top stories for the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Glad you're with us. Teachers at Tacoma officially on strike today. So the first day of class cancelled for more than thirty thousand students. Komo's cutting Johnson with the detail teacher's union made the announcement shortly after five o'clock Wednesday afternoon after they had failed to reach a tentative contract agreement with the school district angel Morton with the teachers union disappointed that the district is blocking the mccleary money. That was sent to our school district for salaries danville. Pell what you come at schools tells KOMO they would love to give teachers the double digit raises that neighboring districts are getting but he says Tacoma was one of the losers in the new state funding formula. Feel really badly for all of our families and our kids who were expecting to come back to school and now have to make some other arrangements. Not clear how big the latest salary increase offer was for teachers, but it was rejected. Mopeds tells us twelve of their schools will be open today serving breakfast and lunch, even though classes are not in session Tacoma joins the Puyallup. Tukwila, Tom water Centralia and STAN would commando school districts all out on strike. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Komo news time now nine thirty two. As we continue with the story on the school strikes for districts that are in session. Officers are watching to make sure drivers aren't putting children in danger in forty five minutes, troopers and Everett police stopped twenty two cars in school zones. Eighteen people ticketed for speeding three four seatbelt violations. One for using a cell phone. Former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has settled a lawsuit over legal bills from the sex abuse scandal that ended his political career Murray hired bets Patterson and minds after he was sued by Delvin heckard. Who claimed he was raped. Molested by Mary as a teenager in one thousand nine hundred s the accusation was one of many that led to Murray eventually resigning. The Seattle times reports the firm contented Murrayfield to pay twelve thousand four hundred fifty five dollars for legal work. A settlement was reached last week. The case was dismissed on Friday. It's been two years since voters passed sound transit three, but there's still no decision. How the new light rail.

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