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Know so were merrin voice over from a different time but i think that sometimes there is a little and i tarred to speak for eric he may say this differently but a little resentment of you know how they're seen he's like we are just like any other family you know we've got two kids pick advancing or how this you know the same problems with i'm working a lot saunders having to stay at home with the kids you know how do we balance at their causes tension in our relationship so i sat we are like any other family why why is this a big deal braida why are you even asking us these questions kind of thing there's a whole piece of the film it's about masculinity at some point there is this contrast between sandro boxing at the gym and then going home and being lake the nurturing dad can you talk a little bit about sort of how these two people navigate masculinity and how you as filmmakers decided to show how the dealt with masculinity in the film again that way sort of a surprising thing that came out through the process of filmmaking a sort of understanding these deeper almost like internalized homophobic things that they've experienced because they grew up in a time when it was an okay to be a and they were completely closeted so i think fit discovering that and really seeing that these are themes in their lives and then watching how that changed as they've come into their own as they've become parents as they are now navigating the ups and downs of of having children and like alley said you know balancing work and family and and all of those things that all families face the scene that you're talking about is there is a seem where sandro is boxing a gem and you see how strong he is and then the voice over is sandro talking about not having come out too mother and he tells a story about being in the car with his mother when i was legal lido i remember the car and i was talking to app a she saw his mac me in the face change your total phone your voice his liking girl is not like.

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