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Twenty two it is now on this Monday morning as we begin a new week. It's okay this morning. We might see a shower so moving especially along the coast as we get into tonight, but it will dry out and Justice spectacular day. Dan is a head for tomorrow. What are we going to see for the rest of the week? We'll have more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. The Garden State about nine point nine percent of juvenile arrests. In 2017, we're related to drugs. It's the highest rate in the nation. It's at least doubled the rate recorded in more than twenty five states during the same year. The new report counts more than thirty five hundred drug related juvenile arrests in New Jersey during 2017 Angelo, Valente executive director of the partnership for a drug-free, New Jersey says jerseys location, and the purity of certain drugs may be reasons for New Jersey's unfortunate honor. But these numbers can also be seen as an opportunity. Jokes about people. It also. People that are involved which experimentation with treatment options with health with support services. Dino flam on New Jersey one oh, one point five news, one of the hottest names in the democratic presidential primary and one of the most difficult to pronounce is Pete Buddha JR. Whether the mayor of south bend, Indiana can build an effective national campaign to maximize the sudden interest in his presidential bid remains a question to judge expects to expand his page staff in Iowa and New Hampshire and hire new staff and South Carolina, Nevada at California, a comedian with no political experience is on his way to becoming Ukraine's next president with a little more than half of the votes counted sitcom, actor Vladimir Dolinsky has seventy three percent of the votes. The incumbent petro Schenk, oh has just twenty five percents. Alinsky is promising his first job as president will be to secure the release of military prisoners held in separate as eastern Ukraine and in Russia. Right now about three out of four jersey homes are heated by natural gas, but efforts are being ramped up to convert the Garden State to a clean energy infrastructure that will soon rely heavily on wind power. The BP. You will soon announce which company will construct the first section of giant wind farm, fifteen miles off the jersey coast. The president Joe fjord Alito says the turbines that will be built in phase one will generate eleven hundred megawatts of electricity by twenty twenty five eleven hundred megawatts power approximately five hundred thousand homes Jeff of jersey Sierra Club says the plan to build the wind farm fifteen miles out to sea.

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