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In the room that night in new york city when you do before pretty much the entire tree that charles woodson were the 1997 heisman trophy winner not peyton manning i was in the room for seventeen heisman winning announcements doug and that one was unlike all the others nineteen 96 through two thousand twelve i was the researcher on the heisman trophy presentation and one of the things that involved was being in the production truck at the start of the show and then at say fifteen minutes into it representative from deloitte the accounting firm that was in charge of tabulating the votes would come in and give us the information that we would use to build the graphics for the end of the show as far as the voting breakdown and of course part of that is obviously who won and how many points each one of them after the broadcast f l broadcast and that information does not leave the truck except for through one person and that was myself because i had to put information uh of that nature on index cards to take inside of the room and give decrease fowler's are chris fowler would introduce a whoever was going to make the announcement you know pull the pulled the name out of the envelope read it and while that was going on fowler would come to where i was and i would give him the information and he would look over it in that year 1997 i handed him that card and he looked at me and he said you're kidding and i said no and then what happens in the room as they announced you know the the winner of the 1997 heisman memorial trophy is charles woodson of the university of michigan and unlike all the other ones where there's usually an immediate applause it's either because it was a foregone conclusion or there was drama because people legitimately didn't know and so there's just this immediate reaction congratulatory and in 1997 i would love to go back and listen to the actual broadcast in and see if my memory is something that that.

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