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My name is Brian Joseph Regan. And she said we named you after Thomas Jefferson. And they got up and they walked out of the room. And heard him laughing in hallway. What was that? Was that a joke without a life lesson? Whereas part of my child development. Let's get this joke. I think now be a really good time to St. for Steve show off his Ronald Reagan pressure. He's working on. I've not done. Ronald Reagan guys. All right. Seeing this. No. The this is a lie. I need to hear someone doing impression of Ronald Reagan before I do a Ronald Reagan. Stood orbital. Oh, here we go. Mr gore. Get rid of George get rid of George. Why? I was there for eight years. You got rid of me? Bet you want me back now. That's good. Just keep working on that one. Don't you think Mr. Gorbachev, Gorbachev tear? For Ryan give it to me hair town this wall down this wall. I wasn't. It was on Hollywood before this players nailed it to gun now to your Martha Washington. Nailed it again. You're so good. Save so much talent. The only one who does Marie condo. All these people are going to meet together. Yes. In a couple of weeks for sure Tim, what do you think of my time? It's a clip on nice to meet you. Thank you, Mr President, pretty good. It's tough. It's tough to shift. Sorry, I'm sorry. Do this to me on a daily today? You came in your feeling good. What's the best thing? You learned from your mom. It depends. You you ask who are you asking? Steve. Mommy taught me songs missing. All right. And on Facebook said what have I learned from my right and left Ryan underneath his table. Now. She's taught me to love myself. Even when I don't feel like it. That's very nice, very sweet Marissa's said I learned how to be a good mother having kids every day. I appreciate all the hard work. She put into my sister. And me she was superwoman. My mom taught me that you have a good sense of humor about life. She'd never seems to take anything too too. Seriously laughter is the great Sav fellow south. So there's a silent L. Let me ask you who. Did you get your sense sense of humor from your mom, my mother? Wow, interesting. Okay. Okay. Also. You can do that again in June barber said the love of music obstetrical, bath Ellinora said be thrown you can get through this Blair said become and always you never know what someone else is going through and the importance of laughter. There you go into said this to shop that was her favorite saying about something, especially after I became a mother. This is interesting Jenny said, my mom taught me to say, thank you. Instead of thanks Steve would pronounce it. Oh, I wonder we thank you sounds more sincere. It's more formal. Yeah. Yeah. Someone called me Mr. Paterson yesterday. Oh. Gave me five bucks. Thank you Vargo Potter. Todd. You're welcome. Let's go the phones. It's very fun. Never done radio for really good lawn. One you're on with the former days. Hey, dave. From my mom in college. I got in trouble for having beverages in him. David. Be smart about being stupid. Thanks for calling. Dave. Oh, that's sweet love that. Michelle said, if you want a friend be a friend expressing feelings is not acceptable. Guilty something everyone should have. Okay. Coming from a negative place. Maybe maybe it's funny. I don't know maybe says people are more important than things that's the lesson. She learned from miss you. Mom, think before you speak with forked tongue fort. Snake sounds Andy said, a real marriage will have peaks and valleys true true. Sean said to count to ten when I'm mad before I say anything that's a really good tip. Actually. It's like hold it. Hold it. Wait, we and breeze. Joy says the opposite of love is not hate those are both emotions the opposite of love is indifference. Really, really? My head's. Amy said her mom taught her that boxed wine is just as good as the bottled one. That's very important true. Learn that early some award-winning box wines out there. Never serve coffee in styrofoam Cup. That's funny. That's a good one funny. Funny. Perfection is boring. I like that. These are good. I'm gonna like make a list of all of these. Well, it'll all work out. What is your? What is your mother? Teach you. Oh, put me on the spotlight you on to be kind be kind. That's beautiful. That's lovely. Yeah. She was very very very nice, Ryan and fun. Yeah. Moms who still fun and laughter in kindness into your family's culture. Yeah. That's a real lovely thing. Just to be nice to other people. Don't don't make fun of other people. Sorry, steve. Sorry, ryan. Okay. Donna, I do it kind nece. Ryan. Would you learn oh, the perfect amount of co that goes into a Bloody Mary the ratio of a perfect Bloody, Mary that's cute. Other than that. You know, kindness and selflessness and humor. Oh, y'all that isn't it funny that the three of us are all the youngest all the baby of the family all voted class clown. Yeah. Weird. We were destined to be together guide. Ru come over there and give you hugs, right? Where you are respect the boundaries between us Colleen and Bradley should be coming in at any moment. But thank you. Everybody for participating and calling today. You wanna try to give homework we've got some weekend. Okay. If you listened on the mytalk one seven one app, there's a dropdown menu. Which has the my mic feature. You can send us thirty second messages, and we wanna start giving out some weekly homework last week. We gave out some give us your best impression. This weekend's homeworking hated each other, you know, weekend homework. But since we're talking about laster, tell us your best joke. It's gotta be thirty seconds or less. That's how long the mic is. And then we'll. We'll go through find the best ones in play those on the air on Monday. It'll be a nice way to get our week started off with a laugh PG thirteen. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's alright it's not going to get on. So no only in Lena jokes. On right. No come on. Right. You could do whatever you want. It's it's it's just to you through the mic drop down on the mytalk one seven one apple and we can play some of those on Monday, happy, mother's states. All of you, fabulous..

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