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Foul goes to the uk bitch and karel will shoot two year art for three for five from the free throw to this point as it gets birth mor carol now with the six points that was his first free throw of the night's second one on the way that will not go twenty nine twenty six comex do now in the front court drives all away and get stripped on the way up and it gets knocked out of bounds by hartford hey a main ball amblin look st now on the end lied to trigger the play i'm to fleming now hands at all for collects the left side in front of hartford bench sandy tried a little uh pick and roll with fleming but fleming was not home in the past is stolen by the hartford hawks lynch now driving in it's going to get bow ripped it through an invite gandhi evans who commits the contact than that is the eight found the black bears second foul on evidence lynch shooting a wanted one where he is an eighty five percent free throw shooter he is second in the conference i believe in free throw shooting like behind aaron callixte it's the first one he's actually third as it gets both free throws here eighty five percent he makes it thirty one twenty six now under seven and a half to go in the first half danny evans now fleming has it a tough fleming fakes to three now inside he comes now left side it goes to collect speak quickly splits the d gets to the rim it rims out and he hits the hardward got his legs it will be taken out from under a man he's going to crawl the foul john carroll his first foul in erin will shoot two is he pops right up looks the leading scorer in the game right now twelve points mas game against harvard he had 21 points careerhigh ten fugel jews 10 for sixty four rebounds three assists in lounge coming in for air kulik extinct.

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