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All right then great zhang cake where we go the we in the wool next up we're looking battle ryan johnson's debut film orrick two it really cruel how the break blood i know went bad but it depends on it now you got out vape slow down good no emily said words i didn't know so may say chech drake no tung tung my drink like milk and vodka pain you know the qinfeng dope real big time what are you going to do she has for might help sworn in no she's okay so it's first team start shaken things up yep film club this week in celebration run johnson's the loss djeddai digging up his debut film brick which it it was did he invent unusual rule with this david highschool nor well i mean it reminds me of a bit bugsy maloney boxing relearn probably the closest the you can get to it but um allen polka spokesman indeed moon um moms alan parker's he is he is he's told me he solo round dinner at his first serie 40th anniversary bucks loan thing dd fiery sale last year then he he did he do for far from madding crowd recently on are not for men crowd one a m taylor t says the lord dickens adaptation with rough finds maybe that wasn't him some getting people feasting no or a flashes around there he's he's in boxing alone he's baby face text what cha is textile schramm books mona good good knowledge a bit but break right okay so uh what did listeners make of this so this is cam break all caps thrashed mesh marks nice great choice reverse if a couple months ago first time in years it really helps prize knee while um and i was consent respect which is tasked with our right to teach like okc episode it wasn't cloud and intrigued and the uncut.

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