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Morning news it is six fifty six contempt fifty one degrees yeah oh by the way it's going to be official now a dramatic split becoming for real today as prince Harry and wife Megan leave their roles in the British royal family here is none other than our own sun unknown with more less than two years after their fairytale wedding Harry and Meghan do conductors of Sussex today completing their split from the British royal family from tomorrow they relinquish their Royal Highness titles and embark on new careers their office says they plan to focus on the family for a few months while developing a future non profit organization and amid reports they've moved to California the couple insisting they have no plans to ask the U. S. government to cover that security in London Simon knowing fox news you know this is the biggest announcement of royal abdication of duty since king Ralph did that in the nineties did you remember that John Goodman movie if you didn't work within right over your head on there but that's okay Joe NATO's gonna story Ford says it's ready to produce a lot of ventilators apparently more than rival carmaker GM here's Jill NATO channel leaders are a much needed tool helping coronavirus patients to just be able to breeze GM says it's going to produce ten thousand violators a month and that they're moving as fast as they can despite president trump invoking the defense production act forcing the company to knuckle down and build many more than originally anticipated now forty stepping up saying they're going to build fifty thousand violators within one Hundred Days so if GM stays at the same rate they're predicting that means in that one hundred day time frame they'll be building in the neighborhood of thirty three thousand ventilators to Ford's fifty.

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