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Seeing them in segments. All right. Do what you gotta do. John. Thanks for calling New Jersey one zero one point five I'm kind of crushed by the Stevie Wonder review, though. It makes me feel better. Going to say probably glad you didn't go, Jessica. And James Berg, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hello. Hi. Always on to see was fall out. Boy, did you. Yes. I got to see them when they first came back, and what what absolutely go my heart was that back in two thousand seven they went on a hiatus. And I wanted tickets to the concert. But my mom refused to let me go. I was about twelve at the time. And they went on hiatus right after that, tore my mom. Heartbroken. Why? And why would she not let you go? Have you done something? I was just too young. I don't know. 'cause she let me go to concerts, all the time. I mean, did you wanna go with like an eighteen year old boy or would she have taken you know, I wouldn't have cared. If my mom took me, it was my favorite band. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know come on mom there. All right. Jessica, thanks for your call. It's my. Us. My thirteen year old son's favorite band. Yeah. Angela from Staten Island. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hi my country. Mike konczal, how you doing guys? Grand funk railroad was back in seventy blah, blah, something. I don't wanna age myself. Yes. And it was me. My brother couple of friends, we all had tickets were ready to go, and I came down with the flu. Oh, no. My mother was like you can't I gotta go see March Farner, I wanted to see Mark fun. Now, you can't go. My brother called me from the concert. He went with his what is friend, and he's goes. Ganj? On stage shirtless. Real great. So you never there was never a second time. You never got to see them. No.

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