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Fall eighteen seventy eight a ho how woke real Hawgood stolen? Maybe we think it's common practice for families. Let their hogs roam the woods round their properties for to forage for acorns and beechnuts inch family would Mark their particular hog with a notch or Mark. And it's ear the animals would then be easily recognizable identified be rounded up again. In autumn of eighteen seventy eight Ronald McCoy leader of the McCoy's visiting Floyd Hatfield cousin Debbie lands at his farm, and they're Randall claimed he saw hog bearing the earmark of McCoy penned up with the Hatfield animals who I see what you doing Randall, notoriously hot tempered, immediately cues Floyd Hatfield of cedar one of his animals files, a formal suit for the hogs recovery. With Reverend Anderson Hatfield, the local Justice of the peace enemy who happens to be devil answers. First cousin. The matter goes to trial in an attempt to keep the verdict. Fair. Anderson had fields jury made up a six hatfields and six McCoy's. Then Bill Stanton nephew of Randall McCoy brother of Sarah Stanton, who was the wife of Ellison Hatfield, sister-in-law Deva. Lance testified that the hogging question did indeed bear Hatfield, Mark. And he said he'd per- personally personally witnessed Floyd Hatfield applying that Mark and damn conflicting family loyalties old at he didn't know which way he didn't know which way to. To to which side to be on this dock vote is supposed to marry how folk now you've got some men connected. Both families bound to piss off kin one side another his full mouth. Surprise verdict. The jury found fully healed innocent of any wrongdoing because Selkirk McCoy cousin Randall apparently gave the swing vote for innocence. Who you don't did? Now, you would trade you'll bloodline. The McCoy's were outraged the verdict subsequently ostracized Selkirk from the family. He's out now is a traitor for supporting the hatfields in this decision. And then he would just be aligned with the Hatfield clan in the future. I mean, these people were serious about man, like so clannish, you know, you fight on which side of the civil war that our families decided to fight you testify only on our behalf. Always you don't you'll find out later. You know, in the story date anybody from that aside, you do any of those things you're fucking out for life. You're out of that is still hardcore. I'll never understand like that. Like people don't like in the world. But if Roe got involved with them, I wouldn't be like you make decision now. You'll with the comments clay, and you told me for Allah people do that all the time back then. Okay. So selkirk. Yeah. He broke one of the first rule speed in clan. Testified testified against kind. In the months following the hog trail hawks witness Bill Stanton. Now he's harassed and threatened by the mccoys for testifying on behalf of Floyd. Remember, he's you know, vaguely related to the McCoy's. But there like man you testified against us. You couldn't keep your mouth shuts. Now, there's like crazy confrontations between him and various McCoy's it included gunfire. You know, he's once once in a while just riding around through the valley getting fucking shot at because you opened his mouth about a hog. But no serious harm was done. Initially. Just just gotta boy as being valuable us just showed one another. That's how settled disagreements until eventually a chance encounter between Bill Stanton. Salmon, Paris McCoy brothers of old Randall McCoy leads to a shootout ending in the serious wounding of Peres McCoy and in the murder of Bill stance. Now, he gets killed for open his mouth about the hulk you try to testify now you try to testify cast Kim from hail you feel stooge. Sam Koi stands trial for Stanton's murder and other the evidence and judicial system seem very stacked against him. It seems very obviously he did this. And also, you know, Deva lands owned brother Valentine Hatfield. Now, the judge this trouser cousin preside first cousin preside in the last trial over last row. Now, he's now his brother is presiding judge in this trial, but still Sam found not guilty by reason of self defense and some story and things decision was handed down per the explicit instructions of Deva lands to defuse tension between the two families to prevent further. Violence. You know, it's like, yes. Yes. You know? He okay. One of our conned was killed but Conde provoke him. Let's stop it..

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