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Person's opinion control the sky because it's a sizable guy. Yeah, that looks like it looks like it's coming out of something. The defense declined to cross examine McMillan, Marco Malard ABC News over 150 Million Corona virus Vaccine doses have been administered. But CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky warned today continue to see an increase and this is almost a 12% increase from the sun. They period prior. Democrat Rita hardest dropped her bid to challenge the results of an election she lost for a congressional seat from Iowa. She was beaten by Republican marrying at Miller Meeks by six votes. He had faced pressure from both Democrats and Republicans to drop the challenge. You're listening. To ABC News. Stay connected, Stay informed. 20 Minutes of nonstop News continues on CO Moh news. 1000 FM 97 7 Good afternoon Come on news time. Tuo Tuo I'm Taylor Vance Ice. Now our top stories from the Come on 24 7 News center. We expect to hear from Governor Jay Inslee a little bit later on this afternoon in a press conference, Como's Charlie Harder has a preview. We will be joined by State Health Secretary Dr Amir Shaw. They are expected to talk about the rising coronavirus case numbers. The state. They will likely talk about the newest vaccine here, which is open today, with about two million more people. Now eligible reporters will question them about school reopening plans as well as opening eligibility to the rest of the people in the state. The press conference is in the three p.m. hour and we'll bring you details as we learn more Charlie Harder, camo. New State Republicans are making one last attempt to get their Democratic colleagues to balance Governor Jae in's Li's authority to issue ongoing emergency orders related to the pandemic. Details from Kemal's Carleen Johnson, two dozen GOP lawmakers from the House and Senate sign onto a letter urging legislative action to end the governor's ongoing emergency powers. Has been more than a year since the first order came. This is a pandemic that threatens to overwhelm our society. Without decisive action, GOP representative Vicky Kraft says they're running out of time to act to ensure there was a balance of power. Unless the Legislature acts he will continue in a single Hand his state of authority using emergency powers less than a month left in the 2021 legislative session. Carleen Johnson come on. News cases of covert 19 are rapidly increasing again in Western Washington Commons, Nick Pompom spoke with Snohomish County executive Dave Summers. Officials in western Washington are frightened of what might come next. This is exactly the wrong direction to be going as we go deeper into phase three case rates are rising to levels that could soon lead to another dreaded surgeon. This pandemic. Extremely concerned about the trends in our case numbers and he's not alone. Snohomish, Pierce and King County's air all seeing their trends on a troubling upswing, The health Department warns that we may have to take a step back in the re opening process. If the trend continues coming up, I'm Brian Calvert and another two million Washingtonians can sign up for their shot.

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