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Of the stories trending this Tuesday morn this morning, a California cafe owner is charging customers who wear a face mask and extra fee of $5, The owner of fiddleheads in Mendocino is that of a $5 feet. Orders placed by people who are Wearing a face mask, Chris Castleman, owner of the Cafe, told McClatchy News. The pro mask people have been damaging the country for too long. Customers who talk about getting a covert 19 vaccine are also being charged an extra $5 fee. Castleman says The money will be donated to local charities assisting domestic abuse victims. Three rock climbers had to be rescued by helicopter Sunday in Ptolemy County. The grotto at Table Mountain is known for its vertical cracks and three climbers there. Have been injured when a boulder came loose No word on their current condition, but one of them was reportedly seriously injured, according to rescuers. One expert is calling for lawmakers to put money into a looming mental health crisis before it's too late. The middle health wave of this pandemic has been like a second wave to the physical health wave of the pandemic. Speaking on CBS's face the Nation Mental Health America President and CEO Paul J. Friend. Oh says data shows one third of all people that come to them seeking help are frequently considering self harm, and one half of kids seeking help are doing so. G and Frito says we have to rebuild the American mental health system. If we're going to support everybody. Minority farmers are starting to receive federal loan forgiveness is part of President Biden's American rescue plan. Texas Agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is suing because he feels the program discriminates against white people. This is discriminatory, obviously unconstitutional. We've got 100% of the pandemic aid for farmers, 100% of it going to last and 2% of the farmers. Miller says that white farmers make up 98% of the demographic and they won't see a dime. His lawsuit is backed by America First Legal, which is a group founded by former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller. Let's get you caught up now on this hour's top national stew. Worries on news 93.1 Cave became so Donna wants to get the words emergency use authorization taken off of its covert vaccine. The drug maker is applied for full approval.

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