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I'm Melissa Kirsch editor-in-chief of life Acker, and I'm Alice Bradley life hackers deputy editor and a real son of a gun. And today we're talking about how to be a good boss. So frequently people are good at making thing. And they get promoted to be the supervisors of the other people who are making the thing without any training as the how to lead them do. Good bosses just pick up leadership skills on the job. Do they have mentors or coaches or just extraordinarily high cues? What's good bosses from horrible ones, and how can just so bosses get better at it? I will get a sense of what makes it. Good boss with the author of life. Hackers brand new career advice column human resource rob Walker. If someone knows how to code they know how to code if they don't you better train them just assume that because they did something else that they can just magically have this new ability then. A real live executive coach admitted you to have always wondered what the hell an executive coach does organizational psychologist, Jen Goldman Wetzlar is here to tell us how she makes bad bosses better. Being a good leader is a lot like being a good parent. And finally, the creator of ruby on rails and co-founder of base camp. David Haina Meyer Hanson tells us how to make a workplace that's not crazy in five steps. Let's get to the show. Sell as a segment in which we pose pressing questions for the experts on the life Aker team this week for asking. What makes good bus? Our guest is rob Walker the author of life. Hackers brand new advice column human resource, you may know, rob as the work Allah gist, the column he wrote for the New York Times or his excellent newsletter. The art of noticing his new book also called the art of noticing comes out in..

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