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Whoa what are you doing. Why did you bring carol channing. We're back from hell and we're on eating pussy cares right. Whatever fucking anyway. Big dots make you powerful. That was. That was one of when tony and i first started working on working on the bubble graphic novel. We're like okay. Well what's going to like. What are we going to keep the podcast. What are we going to change. And i'm like. I kind of like wanted to change the setting a little bit kind of like a seafaring thing. And then he just immediately said fuck no or went down to san diego so that tall ship there that they have anchor next to the submarine took a look jordan. Can we please reconsider. I am not drawn that thing. I looked at all the ropes. That tall sheep is the real saying sheep. Now instead of ship i wanna make. Brian edited out. So i just. That's my new thing. I just you know. Call it your new thing sure. That's the real tall ship. From master and commander that one in san diego next. The submarine hms apprentice does every city have a submarine now. Is this underwater. Yeah correct kinko in it. Yeah makes sense. The cougar's got have nautical ship coming out the porthole. You guys ever take a watermelon up to porto wife. Won't put a watermelon the portal. Unless it's my birthday boop boop. Why are we still doing this. Tony cliff artists behind bubble. Don't be a dumb ass. Go order bubble. If you ordered from if you order from book soup here in los angeles you can ask. And they'll they'll have jordan. Simon for you baby yes. I signed personalized. I'll do how do you want me to sign it as herbal tea. Calm do it all you want me to sign it as cotton candy randy. I'll do it. I will degrade myself in any way. You want it. Tony you have a similar indie bookstore. Were you'll if they preordered there you'll draw a little picture right and do you betcha yet is There's a shop in vancouver called pulp fiction books. At all one word i think pulp fiction For some strange reason it is also cheaper for them to ship to america than it is to ship across from from their storing candidate to another address in canada. What time it is to be alive but yeah give him a preorder. I'll go in and do a little drawing and the you know dedicated and all these lovely things and then you can have that in your book. Yeah rick there. I think it's a nice thing to have a book. I like that me to makes it real embarrassing when you donate it to the good extremely i listen. Hey if you're listening out there. I don't wanna see a single fucking bubble in a goodwill if i go into a goodwill and i see a bubble if i go into a friends of the library shoe store and i see a bubble go fucking shit taking the cudgel at from behind my ear. Yeah going to get my pig friend. Hey i want to put a bow on something. We have been shouting out independent bookstores where people have been pre ordering double. That is coming to a close people can still pre-order it but Shouting them out on the show is coming to a close. And i'm going to announce a winner the store where people have preordered the most from which i will be going to with my own money to sign some books. Here are the final. Indy bookstores. space cowboy books in joshua tree california dragon's lair comics in omaha nebraska bookies in home would illinois sequel bookshop in cure ne- nebraska brilliant books in traverse city michigan. Riverstone books pittsburgh. Pa danger room comics and olympia. Washington changing hands bookstore in phoenix arizona book and puppet company in eastern. That's specific. Could that not win this contest. Carole and john's comic book shop in cleveland. Ohio shadow to both carol and john mainstream books in lafayette indiana comics connection in york. Pa politics and prose from washington. Fucking strong showing from politics and prose in this contest. Community bookstore in brooklyn new york secret crisis comics in chelsea michigan. Fucking great name earth to comics in northridge. Another great name alameda. Sports cards and comics and beautiful alameda. California white whale bookstore in pittsburgh. Pa epic books in hamilton ontario readers. Books in sonoma's california east bay booksellers in oakland. A room of one's own in madison wisconsin gibson bookstore in concord new hampshire mosaic books in kelo upi c Okay fantastic in copenhagen. Oh that's nice super script comics and games in with ohio. The learned owl in hudson. Ohio and mojo's books and records in tampa florida. Some trends massachusetts did very well in this massive probably would have been a place in massachusetts but it was so spread out lot of bookstores. strong showing from minneapolis. Fucking brooklyn killed it. Great job brooklyn but you spread it out over too many places the winner. How did kolonin colona Poorly i mean. It's a pretty small town in the interior of the province. So i think i think you're right. You're right me should just for. We should adjust for population. Of course in these things. Portland did well. Very spread out over many many many many many bookstores but the winner in this case started out strong just nobody ever caught up changing hands bookstore in phoenix arizona. Congratulations changing hand bookstores in phoenix arizona. A wonderful book shop. I will be getting out there at some point to science books jordan this summer..

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