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Scheer was in junk here Quebec this morning. The writing is up the Saggy River north of Quebec City. It's in a region where conservatives say they can pick up seats while he was stopping by Mr Sheer was asked how confident he is that Quebecer share some of his beliefs collado of your own views views differ with quebecers notably on same sex marriage the environment energy east pipeline and Bill twenty-one isn't that a major hurdle for the conservatives -servative to actually win votes here in Quebec not at all because quebeckers know and Canadian snow that we will not reopen those types of issues those social issues that's been very clear commitment and I know that here in Quebec Quebeckers would prefer to purchase Canadian Energy instead of oil and gas coming from the United States or Algeria but they don't want energy east. I mean how how do you fight that. In in addition to the resurgence of the Bloc Quebecois in these regions that you're visiting quebeckers support energy projects quebeckers support the the growth of of of clean technology like like natural gas they I know that quebeckers every survey shows that quebeckers would rather purchase their oil and gas from Canada Candida instead of from Donald Trump's economy or instead of from Algeria so I'm quite confident with dark energy corridor that we can help create the types of conditions that will provide a win win in for western Canadian Energy and for Quebec's own hydro-electricity was Conservative leader Andrew Scheer campaigning in Junkier Quebec earlier today Gala Gillespie Appel has been watching the politics of pipelines play out in the Federal Campaign Professor Professor Lush Appel teaches politics at Concordia University and we reached. I him in Montreal for vessels. Chapelle Andrews share says it would be his job as prime minister to assert the national interest in building pipeline through Quebec back what happens to voters in Quebec when they hear that well especially they they. They turned their back to the conservative. They don't want to take the risk of having a conservative government will impose them. Quebec pipeline same question about with Mister Scheer said about what about selling electricity from Quebec back to on -Tario so there's a lot of debate that if if this is open I think that will raise a lot of concern among voters and most voters say okay who is the the the best party who can defend our interests on that issue and this is I think part of the equation and just election so that's where the liberals are very clear on the are buying pop line. I think the transplanting everybody's don't understand the nationalization. If a pipeline in the twenty first century doesn't seem to be as as the policy of the day and and and that costs money and who's being attacked Bekker's or being old canes and bring for that so somebody should they ring to balance the wait a minute is is there a kind of a double standards encounter right. So what does that mean for. I mean who then it who's running in Quebec. Which Party does it benefit. The liberals are saying we're going to spend four and a half billion dollars on a pipeline. We have already and they the Conservatives are saying well. We might have two in the national interest have a pipeline in Quebec who benefits from that that kind of talk in this election campaign. I think the block is going to benefit from that and this is what we've seen today. In the in the last bowl the the block is ahead now among Francophone borders at the twenty nine percents I in many riding outside Montreal of the blocks and clearly dead there's no question of having a pipeline make daddy shook kind of a single issue of this campaign and I think that that will appeal to a lot of voters in Quebec. I think Mr logo and the member of his garment or were said not to talk about that to remind you really the quite in this campaign but I'm sure Mr Lugubrious. He's pleased to see that the block in a way will defend as he says it interesting awesome. That's part of that. Also the Green Party in Quebec is quite divided on Daddy Shoe Mr Green and one of his main candidate for years. I've said there's no question of a pipeline even on the new river so so it seems that there's a kind of a constant tune in term of the talks on a pipeline that I would say the bottom line is it can't be done unilaterally and the has to be done in collaboration with the National National Assembly the parties and more importantly they should avid support of the population gives me that there should be a referendum on that issue. I don't think so but it means that the voters will will certainly be questioned. We'll see I think they will be certainly one of the key issue is another party and leader Jagmeet Singh who has also also saying he will not interfere with Quebec on pipelines or I'm Bill twenty-one. He has been the most emphatically in this election about how provinces should have their own jurisdictions Nixon so why has that not improvements to sing an indie piece fortunes in Quebec because it's it's it's we're not at the time of Jack later to annoy even Thomas Mulcair. I think that Mr Sing represent a kind of tradition Indian DP where we are quebecers. I'm not sure the MVP now can will really represent Quebec voters in Quebec interests. I think that's that's the bit difficult but of course Mr. We're seeing as we know and it's very clear I think the the question of any religious sign in this campaign even Mr Sing is perceived as a a very decent man's very very decent leaders capable of changing with a good personality among Quebec voters but still the question of religion is is harming him. AM In in this campaign and because because he wears it because he wears a turban you think that his fortunes the bill twenty-one essentially the talk about the neutrality of the states and this legislation we can like it or not the question is the Local Government is surfing on this legislation and and he has the approval of the population on the Quebec and also outside of Quebec so that's raise a question about a kind of neutrality our institutions and that's I would say. It's not personally an issue for Mr Single. It's more I'll be representing about the place of religion in our political debates and I think that's an Nisha that it's always on the French it doesn't have any impact on on the individual rights or whatever it is when you work for a federal institution and you are in Tori who would decide essentially is individual right or when you work for the state to work for the collective interests so how'd you reconciling individual ride with collective interests and the fall mental question. I think beyond even Jagmeet Singh and the MVP represent the interests of Quebec are talking openly about how they would protect US interests all those things that matter great deal to quebeckers they'd still reject him because he was a trip and what does that say but not only that it just say they also that did the EP was efficient and defending Quebec interest with the oldest seat that they have in the past. I think people are questioning the efficiency of the MVP EP and voting in general for third party how third party can really be representative of the population the fact that the end EPS Mr Melkert Keep Becker as a tendency to vote for quebecers and they we can like it or not does the situation and also that I think this is his first election so so there's a question Europe Trough Quebecois is not going to be the government either so that argument that is a third party is not going to have power doesn't make sense. They are turning the Buckeye backlogged for their interests. No we depend if it's a minority government who has the balance of power. We have seen that before in Kenya and the election all Party or necessary and our the democracy. I don't think there's one more than other if I don't know if it's liberal who have were elected and the balance of power is and you have conservative as the opposition so he said the MVP is the block of the Green Party. It's a question now off the number of seats that your position would be if the minority government position needs the support supportive to other parties including the MVP and to block to get the legislation passed and seeing more complicated so this is our electoral system so we have to live with data and accept death the that's that's democracy all right. We'll leave it. There professor slash past. Thank you my pleasure. Gala Chapelle PAL is a professor of political science at Concordia University. We reached him in Montreal..

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