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Wwl traffic center i'm patty berna well the river bound expressway on the east bank side it's actually lightened up a little bit we haven't breakdown that had the right lane blocked on the west bank near terry parkway and it had traffic backed all the way up to clayborn on the river bound expressway looks like it might be off to the side 'cause traffic is kind of clearing out on the river bound expressway but then we got a couple of other problems on the i ten in from the east over downtown approaching the flyover those delays you're back to clayborn and then we just got reports of an accident at martin luther king and clayborn so that interchange is pretty messed up right now coming over from the west bank to the east bank those delays have kinda worked themselves out a little bunching around terry parkway but once you get on the lake bound expressway traffic moves pretty well heading into the city from the east the twin span in the high rise are looking good from slidell from the west the bunny jerry spillway as moving at speed and so far there's no delay come in and through kenneran metairie or if you're heading home to kent to through mediterranean kenner no delay just yet traffic brought to you by the regional planning commission the most common causes crashes in downtown new orleans his people failing to stop or yield when someone else's turn when biking obey stop sons and traffic lights when driving stop for people in crosswalks when walking obey traffic signals being safe is shared responsibility remember you're not alone on the road brought to you by the regional planning commission got a traffic tip call wwl 504260info on wwl call 5042601870 text eight seventy eight seventy four join wwl radio on facebook.

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