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The devil is an interesting character one who has often been portrayed as the artists Muse however the devil is quite fascinating history and the way this character has evolved throughout time and how our attitude it's towards it have changed makes for quite an interesting tale in of itself the devil certainly didn't start out the way we know it today like the beast itself the origin of the devil is quite a tricky one to pursue it is full of twists deceit and often provides no better example of the folly of mayor the devil you know today is primarily a Christian construct with ancient rainy in Greek and Roman influences r-maine associations with the devil comes from the ancient Irish lenient religion Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest continuously practice religions in the world and it predates sixth century B C e Zoroastrianism was formed by the brilliant Iranian religious reformer Zarathoustra or more commonly known by the Greek form of his name Zoroaster now along with creating this religion Zoroaster is also known as being the teacher of Pythagoras zoroaster was a brilliant mathematician amongst many other things Zoroastrianism is a most Lee monotheistic religion which incorporates dualistic elements in Zoroastrianism there are two main deities the benevolent creator which represents the forces of good and the destructive anger on you who represents the chaotic forces of evil on Karamanou is said to be a terrifying creature to behold talk with the head of the man capped with sharpened goat horns the body of a black stallion the wings of an Eagle and the long whipping tale of a lion and Zoroastrianism there is an ever-present battle between the Benun allege a horror Mazda and the destructive on German you as the forces of good and evil are always battling for dom minutes. It's believed that those who dutifully worship the benevolent creator God a Horror Mazda and Lee alive free of the temptations of Sen will enter heaven living in eternal happiness with their creator however those who are tempted by the evil ways the anger mon you will have to go to darkened underworld forced spend the rest of the attorney being tortured never to know the love of the Divine Creator and Abraham religions their concept of Heaven Hell in the battling forces between God and the devil we're heavily influenced by Zoroastrianism Judaism Christianity and Islam all have roots in Jainism much of the attributes imagery that we associate with the devil came from Zoroastrianism 's Angara menu when Alexander the great conquered the Persians and three thirty one BC Haiti's the god of the underworld gets incorporated into ceramics jainism merging his attributes with anger menu this were the imagery of the devil sitting on a black throat wielding a two pronged fork came from the integration Haiti's into the character on Ramon you gave the devil another characteristic as well Haiti's was not just the morose God of the underworld he was also the god of wealth and abundance this we're the idea came from of the double making you rich by buying your soul the integration of Greek culture in to Zoroastrianism also gave the devil another one of its important attributes its origin story the story of Zeus casting out the monstrous winged typhon was another bit of a culture that got absorbed into ceramics Jainism in this story typhon was a giant weaned sir unlike monster that rose up against Zeus attempting to overthrow the God thus making himself supreme ruler the thunder bolt into typhon the defeated typhon was then cast into Taras the deepest darkest list lowest region of the underworld this got incorporated into the story of Angra Mon you as it fit well with that embattled duality between he and her Mazda in this new rendition in mighty battle the power hungry on Ramon you attempts to overthrow the mighty a horror Mazda but he defeated and cast down into the dark shadow world of hell centuries later this story would be adapt to defend Christianity with the Christian God casting the rebellious Angel We know today is Lucifer or Satan out of Heaven along with all of the surly angel followers thus giving us the devil and his minions the demons.

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