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Brad Garrett time five fifty and a strap the propellant urine's money update well many people have used their stimulus checks to cover basic needs such as groceries mortgage or rent there's evidence many you're also spending the money on non essentials including electronics clothes and toys Walmart and target say they saw a spike in sales recently apparel televisions video games and sporting goods apple says it's on uptick in demand for its products across the board Macy says it expects quarterly sales to total three billion dollars down from five and a half billion a year ago and below forecast the company also expects an operating loss of nine hundred five million dollars to one point one billion last year Macy's had operating income of two hundred three million dollars the chain which began re opening stores on may fourth says customer demand has been moderately higher than it anticipated that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news we also learned this hour that more than two point four million more Americans file first time claims for unemployment benefits last week that is down about a quarter million from the week before but it pushes the total since the pandemic began to more than thirty eight million people coming up we'll check traffic and weather komo news time five fifty white it's Jamie progressives number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jimmy it's me Jamie this is your daily pep talk I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your archipelagos mad harmony but you will bounce back I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with a name your price.

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