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In the Yemeni capital about eighteen months ago. Trump thanked the United Arab Emirates for help in recovering the American a man is under arrest in connection with a fatal shooting in Guadeloupe yesterday evening, miracle pa- county sheriff's sergeant Joaquin and Rica says twenty year old Philip Valencia had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend before grabbing a gun and going to a party that he just happened upon. He actually wanted to take this opportunity to shoot some people. And at the time right across the street. There was a birthday barbecue going on. And he took advantage of the opportunity in Rica says Valencia opened fire at the party striking a man and a woman the man has died. The woman is in critical condition. Valencia was arrested at his home and has been booked in miracle county jail on first degree murder charges. Vice President Mike Pence is expressing support for the opposition leader of Venezuela. Pence met with one Guido during a trip to bogut Columbia today. Pence said the US will continue boosting sanctions on the regime of embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas. Madero as we continue to bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on the Maduro regime. We hope for a peaceful transition to democracy. The US recognizes Guido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela last week's gigantic Witter store will put a dent in the state's drought. ASU climatology. Professor. Randy survey says it's a good start. We need to have more kind of storms occurring in the future. And if we can get these kinds of storms then that will start to pull us out of severe drought situations. The store poured more than an inch of rain in the valley and dumped up to four feet of snow in some parts of the state. It's taking a look at your money. The Dow gained sixty to close at twenty six oh ninety two five fifty KFI news time is five o'clock with a check of east side west.

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