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You're going to have a spotlight on you in there always seemed like an this pre social media and social media drums up drama a lot more than anything else, but your guys. Locker Room was a topic of conversation at all times it literally was it was it was that all overblown? You think, or was it an accurate thing because distractions can be the death of a team, and it feels like you guys are still good, and with the amount of things that are being sentenced like I. Don't think that's the NFL works. It wasn't overblown, and probably it was. It didn't have as much coverage as probably at this particular point in in our where we are in the world, it would have been more coverage because it's. It was just at the Turmoi-. It was just too much of nothing going on. You know you gotta remember. We've both been a part of it especially in a wrench, you guys have when even when we were young I mean. They were guys who didn't like Peyton. Guys who despise Payton there. They were guys who thought Peyton just thought they were just like trash. And so you know it was like forget about. Peyton and I'm going to play for this guy or I'm GonNa do this and locker rooms as we know success, usually breeds eagles, big eagles. Everybody individually wants they're shy, and so that's what you seen. You seen a Lotta guys, not being able to handle the success of making it to the Super Bowl and preparing for what we had to do. Do in order to get back to that particular point, and so they thought it was so easy at that particular point in that year. That are we were just don't have it again next year, and so now you start seeing guys pointing the finger at each other you still seeing guys with websites. You guys get radio shows. You see guys on TV. Talking about me me me, and then what happened, was it just Kinda blew over because the main two pieces of it all where me? So I became that story, but then it was still stopping in the wings that that was going on with other players. Who would try to get their shot? And so you know you gotta understand in this game that we play. My everybody's not built for the spotlight. You know everybody wants to be in the spotlight, but as as the spotlight gets hot, you know they scatter like roaches, and so it's Kinda like wasn't me It's not me and it's like. Wait a minute out. Take a little bit accountability, unless let's continue to move forward. Everybody wants to be a line until it comes time to do. What lines after do I mean that is? That is a quote that is ranked through with the NFL to a lot of guys that want to be in the NFL, but then things to stay in the NFL and be successful in the NFL. They're not about that. They're about flexing the NFL, but have you teo made up since all that I don't know if that is publicly happened. Do you ever talked to him? I do not. And, nor nor is my mind even set to to do then it's legal authority. I mean really I've moved on, and and in this world that we live in. You know it's too much that's going on at this tract. There might focus needs to be on that you know my focus is on my kids that are here. The House will be the best dad that could possibly be my focuses or. Try to change with social justice and police brutality as well as inequality to try to change that speak you know. Try to teach the youth which training of what's going on in the world, so they're prepared and then also at you know at the end of it all manages trying to be healthy and try to live and be here for my kids. Kids yeah, as they continue to grow I. Hope you get a chance to talk sometime. You guys did a lot of great things together, and obviously you do what you gotta do your man, you make your decisions, but I hope someday that comes through fruition. A lot of people will go Donovan as you know. PHILLY's a very very tough place to play in for Carson. Carson wentz clause got back I. Know where where the backup quarterback wins the superbowl. You've had some injury issues stuff like that. And now they draft another quarterback, not that that's a replace him. But what do you think Carson Wentz is dealing with as far as skepticism and stuff like that inside the city of Philadelphia. Well he, he's He's the baby boy over there I. Mean You know they? They love? Carson out there and so I, just think what Carson is just dealing with any other quarterback deals with remember he came off. An MVP sees enough taking a second second year starting. and then the next year about about an injury again on nick, foles steps in Texas. Teams were Super Bowl. He sitting on the sideline nick. Foles has a statue builder in front of the stadium. He comes back the next year. He gets hurt again. So i. mean you know what he's going through in? The fans are like what's up man like we need this now like they've invested a me one hundred million dollars into. He gets hurt last year in the playoffs. Then they draft a quarterback and Jalen hurts for depth, but you know I went through the same thing I mean. They drafted Kevin Cobb. Remember in the second round. while. I was there. You know which I didn't think that I didn't care anything about it but what ended up happening after I finished counting my duration with my contract in got an extension after that is I was traded to the rescue as they put Kevin Cobb as the starter now. It didn't work out well because he had concussions victims. Step in, but that's what. What we go through quarterbacks and so I, think it's not just Philadelphian. People can let it Filatov because of the the reputation that they have. It's all across the league. You know you you can't discount a ride Roger. Horse to a player that that continues to get hurt and think it's going to be okay at some point, you got to support yourself and get deaf. Let's talk about a quarterback situation in the town that you live. Cuyler Murray last year him and Cliff Kingsbury towards the end of the season. We're causing people problems. They were causing people problems, and he's a freak athlete, obviously top five pick in both NFL and the MLB that is just I. couldn't even Fathom Athletic Feel Pretty Damn? Today I'm going to be actually you know what you know what it feels. Good. I have an idea..

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