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A suppository and you said that that's actually one of the best ways to get your CBD. I do tell truly I truly believe that. So okay so the China would. That's in the in the most diplomatic way to say it. Just say it to so yeah right so basically can you take a simple dettori. It is the second best way to take it off and injecting it directly into your bloodstream. Brian to don't recommend main lining anything of course of course but So when you when you when you put a supposedly corey inside your Your you have a lot of very rich. In juicy blood vessels wickedness so what happens is a supposedly dissolved and those rich nestle start to absorb it really quickly. The other thing about that is is you don't have to it doesn't have to bypass fuel So you're taking a capsule or an edible or even when you're putting it onto your town a proportionate will three Paseo live at after essentially metabolize it and work to get it to your bloodstream. When you put it in your? It doesn't have to do that so it happens. Really quickly and your body doesn't as much away so when you're putting through Gi track it's thrown away in your something. It's it's thrown away when your stomach. It's throwing away in your intestine and then at stornoway again only were once you put it into your button. None of those things happen. It goes directly into your web strain green and you get the food shortage so Ryan. I know you said you had done a deep dive of the website which by the way for everybody at home is mellow daily. ELITE DOT com. That's M. e. l.. No W daily Dot Com and you were really excited because you said you saw the suppositories corral many. How many did you order so my question to you is as I already had started doing that? I already started. I already already started putting it there for many reasons as a gay man for Hungary for relaxation accession before it was like before during and after honey so lately absolutely so at the end of the road mellow Loyd buttons because I want to start thinking about broadening absolute. I love it. I love another way. For my girlfriend's to transition to anal I'm so excited Akwei Acquai- yes birth control. Let's move on. So that's not move on because Ryan you brought up an interesting point for people who are considering You know a no sacks. Is this something that helps to relax. Not only your nerves about it which you don't want to be claiming tight right but but also maybe to actually relax. The muscle is does. Yeah one hundred percent so so we pull the millions because obviously we want to encourage bottoming on the folks you know Hetero sex by donal into cross or anal intercourse. But it's with the by because what's actually happening is Can Slough relaxing area. They will they will promote blood flow to that area which will help stimulation They will also help to slow everything downs. So if you know you have image Shula ejaculation situations or anything like that. Actually slow everything down a little bit. So it's various reasons of very good sexual the health products and that is why we actually frankencense in it because Franken sent says is a natural antibacterial. So you know all of that down there can be quite factoria heavy end so that it's very Clean Product Coconut Oil Oil and Frankencense. He had no problems. I didn't either frontier back. Oh you can also put it like into your vagina as well absolutely. Yeah absolutely. It comes of labor patient. You leave it in for like ten to fifteen same minutes you get busy on the be intimate with your partner massage. Whatever you need to do and then ten minutes later you can play right game day? I'm adding a MAG right now. Put it in the bag and all that I did not know this existed until I took the deep dive on your website and I was literally La. Yes 'cause my was literally using tincture really. Yeah so there's nothing wrong with doing that it would just blow out. It wouldn't stay in that position brothers. It's not my first Rodeo. But you know I keep it so at the end of the day I would figured it out but now I don't have to. It's just like SUV. made it so easy. I'm so easy. I cannot wait while Tom Ridge. One thing I will say keeping in the fridge That they nice and call. It can be a little bit like today's when you put them in because it's called Better cold his better for your muscles and true to work it in and start cold is always better are there. Are there products the standout depositories or something that you probably won't find in you know the local store I mean I think I think when you when you look at mallow and you look at the products that I stand behind old products on the side truly I think anytime you come to me. You can trust that products a complete bessette so so we make sure that every single product on the site has a tiny lab tests which basically means that you can understand not just the ingredient in the product that you can actually also also Sadiq inevitably profile. I think that's really important. You can trust it. We have a report from a bed. Patty lab tests. That says it has this much. CD to snatch much thc all that stuff. We also do not have any products that have pesticides also wants to. They really clean. So when you're ingesting these things the create anything that's going to cost majestic your body I also think it's really important as a kind of official one but I think they need to be pretty as yeah and you need to be able to lead them on the show having visited you. Don't WANNA be like. Oh my God I could've put that away. You know you wanNA leave it out. Its Way I have this up right now. So if you're watching You'll see the mellow sea salted caramel and this was the sample that I brought home. I took it that night and had the best night's sleep and I said to my husband the next day. I'm buying like eighteen boxes and he said you better wait and find out if you can od the on it. Because he's right. I wish I could just take one of anything CARAMEL candy. They're delicious now and he was like what happens when you eventually eat five. Live which you will but I guess yeah I I agree. I agree with that. I would say so the camels to May I think that's such a sophisticated hated flavor to. I don't know if you noticed that they've got a very. It's almost a rich and indulgent caramel flavor. It's not it's not your standard. It's it just hurry and LUSCIOUS I. It's it's not just as day thing it's also carols like I can't stop eating myself. She would you believe. I actually tested at once in eight an entire box because I want it to be over and all that happened was I had a great place like. Oh my gosh if you ever need somebody to detest that kind of a desert tree overdoing it. You know who to call and Mom Lynn. Sending you a box of these for Valentine's Day are delicious into what else let's see we've got some vapes some oils out. I guess you look at this. You've got your favorite section. We do. I would say so. One of the keep products on here that I love is the bathrooms. We actually just featured as well on preventing does yesterday and they're really cute married couple that I just adore on. They have such a wonderful story. H But this is a really interesting product as well because it's very clean has which Hazel in which is very soothing to the body's going back to psoriasis. This could be a really interesting thing the people who suffer from summarizes. You put it in the bathtub getting a ball. It's got two hundred milligrams of CD in it. It's very high strength. Brought up the other thing that people don't I think about is when you in CD. It also goes inside Your Regina and your bottom right so you absorb there as well and people don't think about that's not just a transdermal layer of your skin. It's absorbing it it's also those areas so this is another product that I think is really good for recovery and healing it. Can it also be a sexy time. You know you can get a little bit of time with your partner Yup I would totally do a suppository dropped this tub jump in for the ten fifteen get it going inside outside rock and roll instead to I loved it there was two hundred milligrams Napa. I've never seen it that high So that's really cool. Sounds that out. Sometimes when it's like fifteen to thirty Mike that like what are you doing but that really that just set you guys again. You've set yourself apart from quite a bit. Congratulations really really spectacular or site diving and again if people want to know more about this if they wanna try the products themselves you can do that at mellow. Daily Dot Com. That's it's an M. E. L. L. O. O. D. A. I L. Y.. Dot Com Veronia. Thank you so much for coming on if people want to reach Out To you. Is there a place that they can find you. Yeah you can just email may baroni at mellow daily Dot Com or you. Just follow us us on instagram. So instagram handle is mellow daily. CB Day and just the Emma will pretty much respond quickly. Thank you and everybody nobody at home. You know as I said in the beginning of this podcast we brought Baroni on today as in reaction to an email that we received it from one of you. So if you've got questions if you want us to ask Baroni or find other experts you can always do that. Hello at art beatty. PODCAST DOT COM. You can also or find us on instagram and facebook at art beat podcast and check us out on our new handle our youtube page. WWW DOT ww dot youtube dot com slash our liberty. I won't get days one of these jack various sky so sorry but at the end of the day we were always GonNa see you next Tuesday I buy..

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