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It clear that police shouldn't be the ones to respond to every call. We do not need a stronger life force mate. We need resource is we need rehabilitation centers. We need substance abuse programs. We need mental health resource is, officers say they first approached Gonzalez and response to 2911 calls about a man acting strangely. Police say Gonzalez suffered an unspecified and fatal medical emergency after officers tried to place his hands behind his back. Multiple investigations into Gonzalez is death or underway. I'm Sarah Hussainy. KQED knows potential reforms at the Alameda Police Department could be on the horizon. The City Council has set a meeting for this Saturday afternoon to discuss potential changes to the way officers interact with the public. The Bay Area news group reports. The proposals include having mental health workers for respond to certain 911 calls. Instead of police officers in the creation of a citizen's advisory board to review police policies. Alameda police and dispatchers could end up getting training on responding to 911 incidents. And the city could launch a campaign to get people to call other numbers instead of 911. U S Senator Alex Padilla plans to sponsor a bill that would increase protection for more than a million acres of public lands in California. The bill would protect more than 500 miles of California rivers, create trails and bike paths and establish visitor centers in the Bay Area. That would mean an expansion for Richmond's Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park. Senator Padilla, in announcing the bill yesterday, says the proposal is important because preserving natural resource is tackles. The underlying causes of climate change, and it brings additional federal resource is to bear The problems we face today, including managing wildfires safely preserving clean water and reversing pollution. The bill passed the house with bipartisan support in February. It will soon go to the Senate for a vote. Hundreds of environmental groups are asking the Biden administration to change its approach to plastic pollution. A coalition of them brought over 100,000 petitions to the environmental Protection Agency San Francisco office yesterday. They want the Biden administration to ban single use plastics and stop the federal subsidy of plastic production. The center for Biological Diversities Stephanie proof for their demanding it because their health depends on it, and they're demanding it because their lives are at stake. The EPA says it will review the petitions. I'm Brian What KQED news As more and more adults get vaccinated against Kobe 19.

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