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NPR news and the New York conversation this is fresh air I'm Terry gross let's get back to my interview with Robert Pattinson who became famous as a sexy teenage vampire in the twilight saga twilight was a box office hit but he went on to star in many small films that played art houses like his new film the light house he's worked with directors like David Cronenberg James gray the saftey brothers and Werner Herzog so since it's twilight that made you famous let's hear a scene from the first twilight film and you're a vampire who's been seventeen years old for god knows how many centuries and then you meet Bella played by Kristen Stewart who you fall in love with and she falls in love with you and after revealing to her that you're a vampire you won her about how dangerous you are and this is the scene in which your warning her and all the swish sounds that we're hearing in the background this is as you're demonstrating to her visually how strong and powerful you are and how you're capable of flying around disappearing from one place and then a moment later reappearing in another so here is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart the world's most dangerous predator and everything about me invites you went my voice my face from my smile if I would if you could fight me on designed to kill I don't care for I want to kill you I've never humans so much in my life interesting my family we're different from others are kind we only had and learn to control I see you you sent second drug like my own personal brand I.

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