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Forty six on your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM JW BBM is time now it's to eighteen and we can check out traffic and weather once again using you'll feel read a whole if you road work slowdowns on on the evenings but there is overnight construction set up on US forty one both ways between clay B. M. lake cook road the about side of the cavity a good ride just twenty minutes in from here to downtown ten off the junction eight express a twenty minute ride out to the airport with no major incidents along I one ninety the extension yes some road work the Eisenhowers clear on both sides twenty nine minutes to and from the three ninety tollway involve Stevenson thirty from three fifty five twenty in from the tri state looks the same headed out I fifty five two will county I'm going road work brings you down to a lame between River Road at arsenal till November twentieth the Dan Ryan looks good on either side so as I fifty seven and the Ford lake shore drive at north Bondi slight delay approaching fifty seventh with police activity on the tollway the tristate north bomb that is clear southbound slow in spots from Ogden over the mile long bridge and that's to road work in the three right lanes the Jane Adams in the clear so with the Ronald Reagan tollway that's I eighty eight so if you're traveling westbound there is overnight road work set up two right lanes are blocked from route fifty three overweight field the veterans told rob fifty three route three ninety all will be well so was I eighty two Joey at eighty ninety four looks pretty good through northwest Indiana and the Indiana toll road just the usual delays with the road work between grant to west of cal you met in the left lane on both sides there your traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty immortal five point out of fanfare to partly cloudy and cool this morning later today it'll be partly to mostly sunny and pleasant hi today of.

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